Poker is a highly popular card game worldwide. It is an amazing game of skills, strategies, and wits. However, in India, people are still doubtful about its nature and legal status. Many of us believe that luck plays an important part in winning a Poker hand. Another ridiculous myth is that all online gaming platforms are rigged where the player always loses and the website always wins.

The game is suffering misjudgment for years now! It is time to explore the myths about this highly misunderstood game and find out the facts to eliminate players’ confusion and misconceptions about online poker in India. 

Is online Poker an addiction? 

Poker is an immensely entertaining game which requires practice to earn experience, especially if you are trying your hands with online games like BeastsOfPoker which is sure to test your mental skills. A player needs to put maximum efforts and time in the game to develop his skills and knowledge. Poker helps a player in improving his critical thinking, patience, observation, and decision-making ability. Playing to learn the game or testing your skills is not harmful to your mind and pocket in any way. Excess of everything is bad but there is a difference between enthusiasm and uncontrollable urges. You can set ‘stop-loss’ which will prevent you from overplaying when bankroll starts falling below a certain limit. You can even take a break from the tables by requesting the website to block your account for some time.

Is playing online Poker illegal?

It is not possible to run an online gaming website for a long time without adhering to the laws and legislation of the country. Gaming portals are well regulated and under the continuous supervision of authorities. These authorities keep a close eye on the operations of gaming portals and if any website fails to live up to their standards, the regulatory bodies can penalize or even ban it from operating its activities in the country. Winning from a Poker website is legal if it deducts TDS (30%) of the prize money above 10,000. Online Poker playing is safe if you play on a trusted gaming platform which is legally allowed to operate its activities in India. 

Is it all about bluffing? 

A bluff is a call/raise a player makes to deceive the opponents and make them act in his desired way. Many non-players believe that Poker is nothing without bluffing. The truth is, bluffing is an important strategy, but it is not necessary to implement it in every hand. Even seasoned players do not bluff as much as you might think. To decide whether or not to bluff, a player has to carefully consider the size of the bet, chip stack, table image, table position, pot odds, and level of opponent’s skills. The understanding of all the above factors is essential in order to pull off a successful bluff. 

Is Poker a chance-based game? 

At the Poker table, win once or twice due to the luck factor but to survive for long, you have to learn how to employ probability concepts to develop strategies as per the dynamic situation on the game table. 

Poker is a completely different game than Baccarat or Blackjack. It is indeed true that no one cannot predict which cards are going to be dealt, but a skilled player knows how to deal with unexpected situations and create strategies to turn the odds in his favor.  

Is online Poker rigged? 

There are questions about websites bending the rules and using computer programs such as bots to rig Poker rooms and manipulating card distribution algorithms. The fact is, all major poker sites in India are RNG certified for fair play and unbiased distribution of cards, which makes it impossible for them to cheat. Poker websites earn revenue money through rake ( % from the pot). They don’t need to be involved in such type of malicious activities to make money and spoil their reputation. Most of the websites provide quality games and pay great attention to spot the players involved in collusion, chip dumping, or other fraudulent activities. The websites hold the right to suspend the accounts of such players and forfeit their account balance. To survive in this competitive industry, a gaming website has to maintain good relations with the customers, so it is less likely that a reputed website will compromise with its quality or conspire against players and take the big risk of losing its loyal customer base.   

Don’t let the myths stop you from experience the unlimited fun and thrill involved in Poker games! If you are looking for the best game to hone your mental skills and earn fabulous real money prizes, Poker is the PERFECT game for you!

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