Here is a list of online tools that you can use to help you plan, market and monitor your social media efforts. Although an effort was made to keep similar tools grouped together, you will find that the list is fairly mixed. This is because many online tools offer more than one service. Some for example will help you to market and monitor your social media efforts, whilst others will help you plan and market your social media efforts. Nevertheless, you cannot go too far wrong by trying out a few of these online tools.

TweetReach  –  Se how far your Tweet traveled.

The Archivist   –  Save and then analyze your tweets.

TabJuice  – A Facebook e-commerce tool.

SocialScope – It collects the messages from your social media profiles and puts them in one place.

Social Mention – It will search the social media platforms and give you details in real time about any times you are mentioned.

PostPost – If you have lost a post or message on Twitter, you are able to strip your timeline with this app and find it again.

Postling – This is a social media toolkit for small companies.

PeopleBrowsr – This is an analytics program to help judge your marketing efforts.

NutshellMail – This is a tool that is more like a newsletter. It will send you a message every day which will give you a summary of the things going on–on your social media profiles.

North Social – You can create and then manage all of your Facebook pages.

MyLikes – You can promote your content through social media.

HowSociable – You can see how well you are known online.

GroupTweet – Add more authors to your Twitter account for a fuller and more dynamic account.

Evernote – Store your notes on the cloud before posting to social media.

Conversocial – This will help you turn your Twitter or Facebook account into a customer service platform.

Contaxio – Manage your social media contacts with this tool.

CardMunch – LinkedIn app which scans business cards in order to add to your contacts. – A URL shortened.

BrandMyMail – Add social content to your Gmail emails.

Bottlenose – Surf social media streams quicker.

Bitly Enterprise – An optimization and monitoring tool. – Social media analytics

Amplicate – It will tell you what people are liking and disliking on social media.

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