Technology isn’t just limited to the phone in your pocket or the computer on your desk at work.  There are more forms of technology to enjoy than just digital downloads and apps on your phone.  As our communication technology and social media tech has exploded, we also see the benefits in our home entertainment.

TV’s have gotten smart as well as video game consoles and even our Blu-ray players.  With the ability to just connect your digital device wireless to your speakers in your car or even at home, it seems like the days of the home audio system is over.  The days of having dedicated home audio seems to have passed for most people, but like all technology, it has just gotten better.  Sure, you can get a compact bookshelf system, but what’s the fun in that?


For many of us that are huge music fans, having a home stereo system is a no brainer.   Compact disc sales have suffered over the past few years because of the rise of digital downloads, but the even older tech of vinyl has made a resurgence.  Almost every big town has a used record store, but what’s more, many of the major labels are releasing new music as well as back catalogs of popular music on new vinyl.

It is a growing trend over the past few years and it’s not just hipsters and irony that is making it go.  The best part is that the turntables that are being manufactured are much more user friendly than the older ones, but vintage is sill pretty cool.  But the new turntables have a better price point for entry and a smaller learning curve for new users.


There are many choices when it comes to turntables, and the new tech makes them sound and function better than ever.  Some of the new models available at Selby like the Cord F-700 have built in pre amps, so you don’t need a special receiver to use it.  And once you hear that warm sound that only comes from vinyl, you’ll remember why it has become popular with an entire new generation of music fans.

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