You might encountered CAPTCHA in several websites for submitting comments and filling up forms,have you ever wondered how the word CAPTCHA came ?,Actually CAPTCHA is acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.Which was introduced by Carnegie Mellon University to reduce increasing web SPAM.To be honest since it is inception (2000) it didn’t changed much everything till now mostly based on Characters and it is increasingly vulnerable to SPAM.

So here comes a new solution to this problem,PlayThru – a HTML5 game based CPATCHA,In order to prove you are Human,you should successfully complete the game.It wont to be too hard just every human being who understand English can easily finish it.You can play the demo games here.

game-captchaTry different CAPTCHAs and have fun,from now on you wont be frustrated by crappy CAPTCHAs.

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