more_apps_illustrationRecently Google has stopped giving Google Apps free account this caused me to switch over to which provides custom domain based email address such as or

Now I have found a workaround to create Google apps account in spite of google blocking new registrations.I have given a step by step guide with screenshots so it wont be much difficult to do that.

1. You need to have a valid Google account.If you dont have create one Gmail account.

2. Go to and sign in with your gmail account.

3. Create a New Application


4. Now you will have form to setup new application,Follow the screenshot


4. Once you created a application you will get a message which gives links to your dashboard.


5. In right sidebar under Application tab you will have a option called “Application settings” click that.


6. In Application settings you need to scroll down and you will get to see the option called “Add Domain” under Domain setup.Click on that


7. Now you need to give your custom domain name in Domain name field and click the link “Sign up for Google Apps Standard »


Thats it now remaining steps are very simple several other bloggers covered it : Beginners Guide To Setting Up Google Apps Email.

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