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Imagine being in a beautiful place, surrounded by the alluring sights of nature and recording video with your DSLR or smartphone in 4K. You have put all your efforts to record the video only to find out that your device’s video player is not fit to play it! 

At times, it is also about the size of the videos as 4K videos are massive files. Moreover, when you transfer them to your computer, the data transfer process takes a long amount of time. Well, of course, you can transfer 4K video in your smartphone and try to play it, but the main point is smoothness here. 

As much as you would hate to listen to it, you would have to compress 4K video some time or the other. So what is the ideal solution in these types of situations? The best solution is to have a tool that decreases the video file size. In simpler words, it should be able to compress the 4K video into 1080p or lesser than that.   

What makes WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe the best?

WinX Video ConverterWinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a video converter suite that can effectively reduce video file size. It is one of those video converters out there that accelerates your 4K video converting speed to a new level. It does so by enabling several CPU cores to use QSV and CUDA simultaneously while encoding and decoding videos. 

What’s more impressive is the fact that it lets you download and convert videos of high resolutions in a jiffy! Well, this video converter doesn’t boast of the latest UI among others. However, unlike other converters, it doesn’t confuse a user when the context is about converting and compressing the videos.  

Supported Formats 

To be frank, at the heart of any video converter is the number of supported formats. This 4K video compressor works with audio, video and images. The WinX HD Video Converter can support AVI, 3GP, MP4, MP3, WLV, etc. 

One of the key highlights of WinX is that it can work with rare formats like ASF, MTS, etc. In usual conditions, you would have access to 24 different video formats. It is also important to note that the WinX video converter works well with 9HD video formats and can support conversion to files with 2K and 4K resolution.  

Features of the WinX Video Converter 

WinX Video ConverterYou can easily compress 4K video size when you have the WinX video converter with you. But apart from that here are some features that make this video converter a class apart from others. 

  • High-Quality Engine

Apart from its ability to compress any 8K/4K videos, the WinX video converter boasts of a high-quality engine. In other words, the quality of the video remains intact irrespective of the conversion process. 

  • Built-in Player 

The WinX video converter comes with a built-in player which is quite handy for a preview before the start of the actual conversion. You can view each file in the list to play them in the preview mode. You would also get a wide array of editing options in the form of add subtitles, enhancing the sound, trimming the duration, etc. 

  • Options for Conversion 

The WinX video converter would provide you with the liberty to independently adjust the settings for outgoing files. Based on the characteristics of the input file, you can select up to 12 codecs for getting the desired output video. In the case of audio tracks, you get a bit rate and some channels. 

  • Equipped with GPU Acceleration Technology 

Well, it is almost impossible to keep calm during the process of video conversion. This is where the WinX Video Converter sets it apart from other tools. It comes equipped with level-3 hardware acceleration tech. This hardware acceleration tech makes the most out of your system’s GPU and delivers a video conversion speed that is 47 times faster than ordinary converters. 

How to Compress a 4K Video with WinX?

Here are some of the ways with the help of which you can compress a 4K video with WinX video converting by not sacrificing its quality. 

1. Select the Video you want to compress

Click on the video upload option to upload the video. After a Window opens, go to the location of your choice, and select the video. Note that the video information would be displayed on the interface. WinX Video Converter

2. Choose the Output Profile 

WinX Converter lets you choose the output profile. The converter would highlight a suggested format for guidance. You can also change the video resolution with the drag of the slider. WinX Video Converter

3. Select and Hit-Run 

The conversion process takes a few minutes, and after the conversion, you would have a smaller video file without any quality loss. Now you also have more storage which is an added advantage. 

You can also go through the video below to have a thorough understanding of the video conversion process. 

So as you can see, WinX Converter comes with a wide array of features. Try WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for free and get a chance to convert your favorite 4K videos. 

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