Navigation is one of  the primary application of the smart phones. GPS and network availability are the factors that determine the provision to access the map of the location. The next factor of concern is battery longevity of your smart phone. Using GPS will drain your battery within few hours, so these following three factors have to be taken note while using a navigation application.

  •     Network
  •     GPS
  •     Battery

This is very bad right using an application has so many dependencies???

Now what if all the maps are available offline and are do not depend on any of the factors above mentioned.

Isn’t that a good idea???

The  mobile giants have already developed such application Google has developed NavFree and Nokia has come up with its offline maps.

Lets take a quick snap about both the navigation assistance media.

NavFree is a free application that can be downloaded from the android labs. This provides turn by turn navigation with voice assistance. These maps are stored on the device and does not require data connectivity. The maps are obtained from the OpenstreetMap which are being given a better clarity by the user by providing updates. The maps of Europe, North America, New Zealand, Indian, South America, Australia, Latin America and other countries.this application can be used on android phones which use Froyo and higher version.

Watch this video to learn how to work with this application

Nokia too has similar feature of  NavFree it call using offline is completely a new experience. The voice assistance is provided in over 70languages. It enables one to download the entire map of the country ( USA for 1.8 GB, China for 862 Mb, UK for 203 MB). This kind of navigation tools can be used on Nokia lumia, N9, N95.

And Interesting thought from Nokia,they offer this facility for those using ios and android they can get it at maps.nokia.com.

So enjoy offline navigation!!!

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