I cant even imagine a Mobile phone(I mean smart phones) without an Internet…to be precise I cant live with dumb phone which doesn’t have Internet.What will I do with a phone which doesn’t have Internet ?…I  text to my friends…make some call’s and occasionally play inbuilt mobile Games…That’s pretty small list.Now get to imagination what will I miss without Internet…Cricket scores !!! yes most of the time i would be away from home so in order to catch up with my favorite game I surely need Internet and this is a IPL season so it becomes even worse case without Internet.Secondly Blogging my another favorite I access my blog through my mobile  which is based on WordPress so without Internet I will surely loose so much.

Here comes another reason..FACEBOOK…yeah I am frankly a Facebook addict,whether in PC or Mobile my homepage will be always Facebook and I occasionally Tweet also.Another desperate reason I should have Internet on mobile is to Download Android Apps and Games,I am a tech writer so I love to try nee apps and games in my Android phone…so considering these facts,without Internet I am Zero….ooopss…I could have set this post title as without Internet on my mobile I consider myself as Dumb (pretty long title…right that’s why I didn’t keep)

Bottom line – Hi Vodafone you are doing pretty nice jobs with your recent Ad’s,Eventhough little bit geeky,I love it !!!

This is post I have written for the contest Internet is Fun on Vodafone,you can submit your own blog entries here –

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