Must-Have Energy Efficiency Apps for 2013

by Dan

Energy consumption is one of the expenses that should be monitored by businesses. However, the many tasks and meetings don’t give owners or even employees the time to do so. That is why it is important to adopt mechanisms that can allow them to know if they are wasting energy on certain business process or aspects. For small businesses, reducing energy consumption is necessary especially when energy is not really needed. To help them manage energy consumption, below are the Smartphone apps that can help them.

Energy Tracker

The Energy Tracker is an app that allows users to identify energy expenses that are unnecessary. You can always see how much energy every appliance is consuming. This shows on two tabs on the screen of your Smartphone. Aside from the individual monitoring, you can also monitor the energy consumption of the whole system. In this way, you can have a comprehensive knowledge about how your business consumes energy. The data you have gathered using the app can be transferred to your computer where it can be saved. The app is available on iTunes for $0.99.

Energy Cost Calculator

Knowing how much energy your business consumes is good. But it is better if you also know how the consumed energy costs. With that, you can have help from the Energy Cost Calculator app. The energy cost is calculated using an equation-based system. What you need to do is to input the estimated energy consumption of your business. It is better if you have the per hour estimation. Then, input how many hours a day does your business consume energy. Also, input the cost per Watt or Kilowatt. After that, you will find out how much you are going to pay. Just be prepared if you know your business is consuming so much energy. If you get a high energy cost calculation, it is a signal for you to think of and adopt measures to reduce energy consumption.

Green Outlet

Like in our homes, small businesses also use numerous appliances. Add to that the many devices such as printers and scanners. If you regularly do a review of how the business consumes energy, it might be helpful to know which appliances or devices use the most energy. Of course you cannot determine that by yourself. With that, you have to avail of the Green Outlet app. It works by figuring out which device consumes a lot of energy. It is also capable of calculating average energy cost of your business on a monthly basis. The app is from Key Lime 314. It is available on iTunes for $0.99. It is recommended by, and

Nest Mobile

Another way by which your business can save from energy consumption is through the control of the temperature in the office. Air conditioners being open all day long add a lot to the monthly bill. This can be changed by changing the temperature. For example, you can lower down cooling during mornings and afternoons up to evening when it is not very hot. With this, the Nest Mobile app can be of great help. You can always change the temperature using your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. Even if you are not in the office you can still use the control. Through the iRemote, you can set the temperature lower or higher depending on the necessity.

With these energy efficiency apps, you can definitely monitor the energy consumption of your business. In addition, it is a great help in finding out ways on how to reduce energy consumption. This would then result in lower overall business expenditures.

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