movaviAmong this go-gaga world of application and web streaming, users demand an application which can save videos / shows for later viewing. Among hundreds of live streaming videos present online, some can relate to entertainment aspect whereas some others are extremely informative. Movavi Screen Capture Studio enables the viewers to catch hold of their favorite shows even when they are unable to catch up with them at the schedule time.

This software records a range of streaming videos that can be saved and played on the computer later in spare time. Since there are many of such software applications available these days, one needs to be extremely cautious about their final selection. As per the reviews, this software facilitates screen capture on PC and can guarantee best service and absolute compatibility. In place of buying a streaming online video recorder which is quite a pricey investment, it is wise to switch to Movavi Screen Capture Studio.movavi-screen-capture-macAs per the reviewed and rating delivered by the existing users, this software is highly recommended owing to its credible online video streaming and program recording. Movavi is a globally renowned software brand, which is relied on by some of the prestigious software companies namely Coca Cola, Microsoft, among others. So, a flawless performance is expected out of it. For users who are interested in switching to this software, should go through the short review of Movavi screen recording program below:


  • Compatibility: Captures all types of Streaming Video Online: This software is designed to function in harmony with varied formats of videos. Users are facilitated to capture different types of webinars, how-to videos, as well as Skype calls.
  • Pre-Set and Function: Can Capture as per User Defined Settings: Movavi Screen Capture Studio is open to receive inputs from the users. Settings can be customized as per the individual preferences and enable the users to record streaming videos according to their specified settings. Movavi user can set preferences with respect to capture area and frame rate which will thus guide the program to pick up on recording the streaming video.
  • Extensive Reach: As reviewed by the existing users, this software can record audio from any source along with capturing sound from any given source. It is capable of recording audio from multiple devices like MIDI devices, audio sets, microphone, & headphones.
  • Works without Intervention – The prime feature of capturing videos on its own is one of the major reasons of its popularity among the existing users. It is set equipped with automatic screen capture facility which automates the entire process making it convenient for the users to save videos. This software has a timer feature wherein the users can define a setting with respect to recording duration.
  • Video Editing: This software by Movavi saves the videos in editable form. Users can add background music or delete unnecessary parts from the recorded file along with making the required settings to improve upon the video quality with filters.
  • Superfast: This software is capable of saving video in a flash, thanks to its advanced SuperSpeed mode. Users can also convert the video into any other popular media format.

All in all, it delivers a satisfactory performance!

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