The usage of mobile devices for accessing Internet has been increased tremendously in current year,for example you can see the following system stats for one of by websites.

We can conclude from the above stats that If I dont optimize my website for mobile devices I am going to loss more than 28{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} web Traffic.Nowadays most of the blogs use WordPress so it is really easy to optimize your website for mobile devices using several WordPress such plugin is Mobile Smart Pro,It includes several unique features that other mobile plugins doesn’t have.Lets discuss about it’s features

  • Mobile optimized theme will be automatically switched if a mobile device is detected (‘boilerplate’ Mobile theme is included)
  • User can manually switch between desktop and mobile versions.
  • Your post Images will be Resized to fit the mobile deice.
  • Domain switching – You can switch  your website to your mobile version as or vice versa if your visitor visits then it will switch to mobile optimized theme for your website.
  • Mobile Pages – You can add your mobile specific contents to your post or page using the field provided in the post/page.
  • Mobile Menus – It will completely change your navigation menu so that it will be easy for your mobile visitors to navigate your pages.

You can download and use  Free version of WP Smart plugin if you don’t need the last three features in the above list.

My Verdict :

This plugin will be extremely useful for those who wants to maintain separate mobile websites like and the free version of this plugin is not as good as WP Touch Free Version.

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