Mobile Enterprise Apps Changing The Game

by Dan

Mobile enterprise applications are highly complex systems that enable a business’ staff to manage the software they use day in and day out from their handheld devices. In today’s corporate environment, with employees working on the go more often, these tools are more valuable than ever. Nowadays, mobile apps of all kinds are required to perform at the same calibre as desktop software. Furthermore, they must be scalable, distributable, component-based, and mission-critical. Only by hiring a competent, client-focussed mobile app developer can companies produce enterprise apps efficient and user-intuitive enough to be fruitful tools their workplace will use.

Once you do your research and learn about app development services that can really help you, you’ll know that a smart development agency will build their products with the client’s end-user in mind, and will custom-tailor the mobile app they design to your specific needs as a business. They will take into account the unique needs of a company’s staff, whether they’re engineers, lawyers, architects, financial advisors or entertainers. They must above all be functional and aid employees in performing their work – UX (or user experience) must therefore be at the forefront of the design. They will also consider the various barriers a job creates – for someone working outdoors for example, a font’s size and readability on screen will be a top priority, and a designer will choose colours that won’t be compromised in natural light.

If you want to improve your customers’ mobile experience (as well as their performance), partner with a development team that has some merit. Accolades don’t lie, and if your business is looking to improve its customers’ mobile experience, then it it pays to go with an agile development team that has been recognized for its efforts. Industry accolades and testimonials say a lot about a company’s reputability. Also ensure your developer offers forward-thinking support and offers a full suite of app expertise from QSR to mobile payments, retail to enterprise. For trusted, transparent, and reliable mobile solutions that are business-focused and treat clients like partners at each step of development.

The right developer can also help your business incorporate easy-to-read analytics dashboards togive you comprehensive performance metrics on-demand. You’ll be able to track behavior patterns, traffic, user device types, and more. Analytics reports can even offer transaction-level detail that you can’t find anywhere else.

An inexperienced developer may create an impressive looking app that impedes upon the work flow of the user, making it awkward to use, taking time out of their work day, and ultimately costing enterprises money. By partnering with knowledgeable professionals however, like those at Guaraná Technologies, clients can rest assured knowing employee logic is taken into account right at the beginning stages of the process. This developer will create a wireframe that maps out and predicts user engagement, drafting for the most productive prototype. They’ll code for Android, iOS, or both depending upon your employees’ requirements – and for accessibility’s sake they will ensure the apps work offline, allowing employees to complete tasks independent of an internet connection.

Most importantly, you want your developing partner to do a thorough job in eliminating functionality issues and the potential for crashes by conducting unit testing before the app’s official launch. With analytics tools they will continue tracking for bugs and imperfections, attending to each problem prior to publication. Finally, they will do user testing in house, adhering to a set of strict protocols to ensure your staff is provided with the most streamlined experience from the get-go. Introducing new software into the workplace can be a challenge; guaranteeing its functionality from the beginning will play a big part in how fast your workforce adapts to it.

Mobile enterprise apps allow businesses to provide their employees with a more flexible and integrated work experience; no longer do they have to rush to their desktops to perform a simple job or set aside time at the office to accomplish it. Now, they can enjoy the convenience of doing it from their devices   wherever they happen to be during work hours – alleviating lulls from task to task and increasing speed of production, which means only good things for your company and staff.

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