MiniClip, as many of you might know, was once a site that hosted an array of flash games. It was a go-to site for anyone that might want to use the internet for any other than the purpose it was meant for – a collaborative repository of information; and no, I don’t believe I was being completely honest when I said this. The site has lost its appeal over time as a large user base made way for better gaming technologies that almost killed flash. MiniClip has partially kept pace with the changing times and have come up with its popular titles that natively work on iOS and Android. Their 5 well known titles from MiniClip Games have made it to Windows Phone with XBOX achievements.

As XBOX games, these titles continued be played by those aware of its popularity and they continue to remain a tremendous success. For the rest of us, well, we have an incentive to get them on our Windows Phones as soon as possible for FREE. All these games normally cost Rs.160, so do what you ought to.

The following 4 titles will be free until Monday, April 15th, 2013. If you’re lucky it’ll last for another ten hours in the morning of 16th but that’s it. Come on! You love this stuff. Don’t treat it like your homework.

Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy by MiniClip GamesHonestly, despite my almost dislike for a game like this, I couldn’t resist myself from buying this a couple of months ago on a sale. It was priced Rs.55 then. It is a pretty simple game involving one simple movement – the gravity switch, but I guess you already knew that, didn’t you?

iStunt 2

iStunt 2 by MiniClip Games

iStunt 2 involves some random combination of skiing and stunts. Up until the Windows 8 version got free to download I had absolutely no idea of how it worked and it’s free so no regrets. I suggest you try it out. You might like it.


Fragger by MiniClip games

Fragger by its description appears to have explosions beyond imagination and boasts of about 310 levels to explore in 10 different worlds. I don’t know what that means but I’m hoping to find out once my download is done.

Monster Island

Monster Island by MiniClip Games

Monster Island has you, the user, playing as monster, battling other monsters. Pretty much like Angry Birds, it includes flinging explosive projectiles except this one isn’t remotely a suicide bombing spree.



Fling by MiniClip Games

Now, there is another MiniClip game that has not been made free in this offer week, but it is better that you have your eyes out for it. The game called Fling is currently at Rs.160 like the rest of them were once, but might drop its price with a small delay – no promises.

It doesn’t hurt to try and check, I suppose.


Once again, this offer lasts until Monday, so get them all quick. Logistically, they’re worth 800 achievement points for your XBOX GamerScore and such an opportunity shouldn’t be passed up.

In addition:

  • iStunt 2 and Gravity Guy for Windows 8 continue to be free past the last sale period so go get them too.
  • Actually, go have a look at one of our previous posts and see if you can obtain the games listed at the sale price. They seem to have unevenly changed back to their original prices, but you might still get lucky.
  • Visit my personal blog. You might find something you like and know that your comments are appreciated. You can follow me @DenverDias.

Until we meet again…

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