This year’s WWDC came out with quite a bit of impressive changes that will be made by Apple in its latest upgrade to both iOS and Mac OS along with a slew of new hardware it has introduced. We were nothing short of awed by its end. The next upgrade to OS X will be called Mavericks and oh!, seeing it on video is one thing. Mavericks developer preview completely blows you away.

Mavericks. Hmm! That’s got to be a cat cousin, right?

Unfortunately, the upgrade is not the only thing that is massive about the OS. There is also the sheer size of the installer that would discourage you from trying it out. Of course, there is also a restriction on who gets to access it which at this point are only the good people who pay Apple $99 per year for their developer accounts. But fret not, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve pulled some strings to bring you news on Mavericks and it is hands-on.

Wait! Why Mavericks?

Why indeed! A maverick is an animal, usually cattle, that has not been tagged for identification. They’re, in a way, different compared to other animals of its kind. Apple has decided that Mountain Lion is as fierce and awesome as any species of cat can get. They’re going in a different direction this time. With Mavericks they’ll have finally tamed all of their wild cats.

Actually, no. Mavericks is a place in California – the place where the magic of OS X is conjured. As it turns out, OS X will continue to be the de facto Macintosh operating system for, at least, ten more years. All we’ve got to do now is guess what the next ten releases are going to be named.

In the mean time, let’s have some more Mavericks…


Oh yeah! Beautiful, isn’t it? We reckon nothing is ever going to be enough once you try it out. As of now, to know more about our discoveries and features of Mavericks, continue on here.

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