For a long time, Mac was not considered a target for malware. But as the Mac market grows, so has the threat – both the envisioned and the actual. So, if you have a Mac and may still think- just like other Mac aficionados- that your machine is secure, think again. This is partly true as a Mac PC is harder to exploit as compared to a Windows PC. This, however, does not mean that it is impossible to hack into the Mac OS.Therefore as a Mac user, you need to ask yourself why you need Malwarebytes for Mac.

Below is a list of reasons why your Mac may need Malwarebytes.

  1. Macs DO get viruses!

It is hard to imagine, as mentioned above, that it’s still widely believed that Macs are not vulnerable to malware and viruses. The fact is that, Macs are much more resilient than PCs, but that does not leave them in the clear completely from malware attacks.

  1. Active protection vs. Passive disinfection

Malwarebytes offer active protection for your Mac. This means that, once you install the software, it continually scans and removes any infections from your Mac as it runs in real time. This keeps the system up to date, and prevents any virus from lodging stealthily.

  1. Simple to use

Once you install the Malwarebytes, it is super simple to use. It is basically a one-click process. Its design is super streamlined as well as very easy to understand. It will walk you through the entire process from detecting a threat to quarantining, and dealing with it safely.

  1. More than just malware protection

There are other less malicious threats to your Mac. These can be found in the form of junk adware; programs which are potentially unwanted. When the software detects any such files, it will prompt you to remove them from your computer.

  1. Friendly user interface

As described above, this software is a one-click process after installation. It also pretty much offers guidance when you need to perform any functions on it. It is also an intelligent program as it works in the background detecting and getting rid of any threats or potentially unwanted material.

In the interim, while Malwarebytes for Mac works well, it has its downsides too. For starters, it cannot be compared to its Windows counterpart which is far superior to it. This is because the Windows version comes with more features, which are yet to be made available on Malwarebytes for Mac. It is also not updated to run on the latest MacOS.

Having busted the myth that Macs are impervious to malware threats, you now have an idea on how to go about protecting your MacOS. There are many other anti-virus and anti-malware options for Mac in the offering. It is advisable to make an informed decision since it is a costly venture that usually covers only one device per license. The decision-making power is now in your hands, since getting malware protection is not being fussy afterall!

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