Despite its efficiency in reaching out to real people — and not some inactive accounts — Email Marketing is not perfect. Obviously, there are some challenges that you need to face in the process of a successful email marketing campaign.

While you can work on things like conversion rates and bounce rates, there is another thing that most people ignore — Invalid Emails. Because, the last time we checked, not everyone has a 100% clean email list and they certainly need a solution for email validation.

In this article, we’d like to introduce MailboxValidator, one of the trusted email validation services out there. It helps you make sure that you have a clean email list with as fewer invalid emails as possible. Before we go into that product, however, you may want to know more about the process of email validation.

What is MailboxValidator?

In the simplest terms, MailboxValidator is an email validation and verification service. It’s an online service that can check if a particular email address is valid or not. In other words, MailboxValidator lets you clean an email list and get rid of bad emails. According to the official website of MailboxValidator, the service has so far been used to detect 200,270,920 bad email addresses, which is incredible.

MailboxValidator Dashboard

Now, let’s check out what MailboxValidator can do to your email list.

Why Email Validation?

In case you did not know, Email Validation is the process of checking whether an email exists or not. As you may already know, your email list consists of invalid emails, spam emails, etc. And, when you execute a new campaign, emails are sent to all addresses, right? And, naturally, you lose a lot of money. So, would not that be great if your mailing list consists of valid emails only?

Most importantly, you can reduce the cost-per-email, which depends on how many email messages serve the purpose. Some other areas that you can enhance are bounce rate and delivery success rate. In short, a proper email validation can help you increase the reach and effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. In addition, a clean mailing list also improves your email reputation.

And, of course, it isn’t a practical solution to validate each email in your mailing list. Even for single-address validation, you need a tool, right? This is exactly where MailboxValidator comes in.

Individual, Bulk and API-powered Email Validation

Three types of email validation services are offered by MailboxValidator and all three are best if compared to the competitors out there.

Individual Email Validation is quite common and lets you verify whether a single email address is valid and functioning. You can simply log onto MailboxValidator dashboard and choose Individual verification. Just as you enter the email address and proceed, you can understand whether the email address is valid or not.

Bulk Email Validation is the most useful feature when you have a fully-fledged email list. You can use the email list via CSV format or plain text. MailboxValidator will validate each of the email address and will give you a detailed report. This one saves a lot of time when you have many emails to verify.

MailboxValidator API is something you can use for integrating email validation service into programs you develop. The APIs are quite effective and are popular among developers out there. When compared to competitors, MailboxValidator offers effective plans as well.

Depending on your purpose, you can pick the best email validation option out of these three.

Some Features We Loved in MailboxValidator

Given below are some awesome features we loved in MailboxValidator. These make MailboxValidator truly a great choice for marketers, developers and site admins.

  • MailboxValidator lets you import your mailing list data from MailChimp, which is a life-saver.
  • We really loved the credit-based payment system that makes it easy to track your usage. Depending on the number of queries you need, you can choose a plan ranging from $0.00 to $699.95.

  • Several techniques, including Email Syntax Checker to Duplicate Email Remover, are used by service to clean up your entire email list. Needless to say, it works perfectly.
  • MailboxValidator also offers an intuitive dashboard that you can use for quick management of credits and validation process.
  • MailboxValidator offers a free API account, which gives you 300 credits a month. If you’ve a minimal-level program, the account would suffice.

Thanks to these features, it was a great experience to use MailboxValidator and our email list surely got way better after this.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, MailboxValidator is indeed a must-have solution for email marketers and even general users. If you’re someone who sends email newsletters once in a while, MailboxValidator can help you better the impact. When compared to the final results, we believe the MailboxValidator pricing plans are extremely reasonable and that you will love what you get. So, in the long run, we’d recommend MailboxValidator for all our readers who need a clean email list for a well-reputed and successful email marketing campaign.

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