Are you up to sell your Macbook and then upgrade to the latest generation Macbook from Apple? Well, you may need to reconsider upgrading to an Apple Macbook now, as Google, the arch rival of Apple in terms of software and hardware as well, is said to be under works behind the screen on something that is expected to take over the competition in the laptop space away from Apple and Apple’s Macbook lineup of work machines.

Teasers for the event by Google which is to be held on the 4th of October has already begun, where the Google Pixel Smartphones will finally see the day of light. If you thought that that is all what Google has been developing under it’s shelves currently, then you probably want to consider again. As the most important announcement that Google may come up with is the Andromeda operating system, which is expected to be a cross over between the best mobile operating system Android and Google’s Chrome operating system.


Well, the name Andromeda is not what the new operating system is expected to be called officially, but rather is a code name for the operating system under development. Andromeda is expected to be a game changer for where Android stands currently in the mobile ecosystem out there. By releasing Andromeda, Google will be able to make the cross over experience between Android operating system and the Chrome operating system, by taking what is best and what users love, from each of the leading operating systems.

Apart from just developing yet another operating system in the backgrounds, Google is also reportedly working on a new laptop expected to be named as the Pixel 3. The Pixel 3, according to latest claims, will be the first laptop to be powered by the newest operating system from Google, the so-called Andromeda operating system.


So far, what we know about the upcoming Pixel 3 work machine is that it will be a direct competitor to the Apple Macbook in the entry range of pricing in terms of built, functionality and the internal hardware specifications.

Talking about the internal hardware specifications of the upcoming Pixel 3 laptop from Google, current rumor mills suggest that the Pixel 3 will be powered by either an M3 or an i5 processor from Intel, will feature storage options varying from 32 GB to 128 GB, will feature a 12.3 inch touch screen display, USB Type C connectivity for charging and syncing, a 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo speakers, support for stylus, glass track pad with support for force and haptic feedback detecting, backlit keyboard and a battery pack with enough juice to power the Pixel 3 for about 10 hours straight.

Prices are set to begin from $799 in the US, which is a very competitive pricing considering what the Pixel 3 has to offer. If all of the rumors are true, then the Pixel 3 will surely bring the heat in terms of competition for the existing Macbook lineup of laptops.

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