MacBook Air vs. Surface Pro 4

by Dan

The 2016 Apple Macbook Air is due soon but Apple’s competitors are not in the mood to wait. We say so because not so long ago, Microsoft bought out the Surface Pro 4 and bragged of it as being better than Apple’s MacBook Air. If this pops the question of whether you need to sell your MacBook and get the Surface Pro 4 instead, you have come to the right place as today we are going to resolve this matter for you. Let’s find out who emerges the winner in the battle for the better laptop.

MacBook Air

Being a tablet cum laptop, the Surface Pro 4 kinds of leads the battle here from the starting. You can sue it as a regular tablet for your share of media streaming and playing games and when you want to get down to some serious work, you can plug it in the dock and use it as a fully fledged laptop. Another thing that the two devices differ in is the OS they run on. The Surface Pro 4 runs on Windows while the MacBook Air runs on MacOS for obvious reasons.

Coming to the build, both devices offer premium build. One of the main highlighting features of the MacBook Air is the sheer slimness of the device. It measures 0.11 inch at the thinnest to 0.68 at its thickest while the Surface Pro 4 measures a consistent 0.33.

Surface Pro 4

Moving on to the display of the two devices, the Surface Pro 4 emerges the winner here. Non-retina models of the 2015 MacBook Air sport a resolution of 1440 X 900 while the Surface Pro 4, being a more recent release comes with a display boasting of a 2736 X 1824 pixels. With that, you get the added protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which was required considering you will be moving around with the tablet in your hand.

Going inside the hood, you will find the Sufrace Pro 4 to be powered by the new Intel Skylake processors while the MacBook Air runs on the Intel i5 processors, which again gives the Surface Pro 4 an edge here. This paired with the added advantage of being able to choose your RAM and storage options makes the Surface Pro 4 a clear winner here. If you still want to go for the MacBook Air, better wait for the 2016 model to come up.

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