Mac vs Windows

The battle between Mac and Windows has taken on a new dimension in the contemporary smartphone market, as this has translated into an additional contest between Apple’s iPhone series and a growing number of Android handsets. While the fact that Apple have managed to sell 21 million units of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus during the last month suggests that the brand may be winning this battle, however, there is a sense that windows desktops remain more effective than Mac computers. 

The question that remains is whether this perception is true, so consider the following factors before making a determination between the typical Windows desktop and a Mac computer: –

Windows benefits from More Software and Greater Flexibility


Perhaps the single greatest advantage of Windows is that it offers vast amounts of software to users.  A quick visit to Google Play or the Windows Store will confirm this, as the latter has over 50,000 thousand applications while the primary Mac App resource has less than 14,000 titles. Although the argument may be made for quality over quantity, this depends entirely on your personal choice and few can dispute the depth of software options to Windows users. This affords Windows customers’ greater flexibility, while this platform also allows individuals to upgrade their hardware any time on a schedule that suits them. 

Windows Offers a Better Gaming Experience – for Now 

windows gaming experience

Historically the Windows platform has always offered a superior gaming experience to users. Whether you enjoy creating structures on Minecraft or playing interactive Australian casino games on Royal Vegas, the graphical engine and functionality of Windows has afforded it a distinct advantage. While it may retain the edge for now, however, Mac gaming has undergone a significant transformation in recent times with the result that bigger and more appealing titles are now becoming available on the platform. Just as the iOS 8 has benefitted from a brand new, 3D graphics engine, so too Mac computers will now incorporate superior hardware and processing speeds. 

Mac has the Edge for Designers Despite an Improved Windows Design

Mac edge for designers

If you were to solicit the opinion of older designers and graphics experts, you would most probably be informed that Macs served as the operating platform of choice. This perception has survived to this day, and the vast majority of design studios throughout the UK utilise Mac computers and their numerous applications. These devices certainly boast an attractive visual aesthetic, while the OS X also includes a number of outstanding design applications and high file compatibility. So even though the modern Windows platform is closing the gap on Mac, especially with regards to speed and superior multi-monitor support, it has some way to go in the quest to dominate the market.

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