Mac Vs. PC: Which One is Best For Gaming?

The world of gaming has come so far from what it used to be, with lots of advancements being made in the sector. In today’s world, gamers are left with lots of choices like PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, PC, Nintendo, etc. However, when it comes down to hardcore gaming, there are only two choices that take the cake.

 The debate between Mac Vs. PC has been going on for a very long time as the users of both platforms have a cult-like following presenting one solid argument after another. So, a million-dollar question that needs your undivided attention is what option you should go for when choosing a gaming computer. 

The answer to this question isn’t as precise as it seems to be, as both platforms provide innumerable advantages to its user. Where Mac offers reliable computing power, Windows computers offer its users unimaginable customization so that they can do whatever they want with their PC.

In this article, I am going to outline a comparison between Mac and PC. By going through each and every one of these comparisons, you are going to have a better idea regarding each of them so that you can reach a better decision on your own. So, without further ado, let’s carry on with our article. 


As our main area of concern is gaming, the very first and the most important thing that matters are the graphics. Graphics are to a gaming PC what ketchup is to a burger which is why you need to make sure that you choose a computer with good graphics. 

While Macs come with high-powered graphics, the problem arises when you want to upgrade the graphics card. Most Mac models rely on dedicated graphics, which doesn’t leave much room for upgrade. If you want to test your Mac’s graphics, you can try top games for macs and enjoy a smooth interface and gameplay. 

On the other hand, PC’s come with a wide range of graphics cards that you can choose from. You can literally cherry-pick any graphic card you want and upgrade your PC anytime you want to. However, it might cost you a lot of money to do so. 


mac vs pc

One of the main areas where PC and Mac might go head to head is the hardware quality. If there is one thing that Mac is known for, it’s for providing high-end hardware chips that no other PC is offering. However, just like the graphics card, Mac hardware is limited by lack of enhancement.

Gaming PC’s come with a massive array of hardware options, as you can attach most gaming consoles with it. You can also easily upgrade any component you want to, which gives PC owners an edge over Mac users. 


Out of all the factors that come into play when deciding which platform is better for gaming, Mac takes some edge when it comes to processing power. Mac has one of the best and fastest processors, which is what makes it the most user’s choice.

With that being said, the majority of PCs come with enough computation power to run most of the top games right now. You can even take control of your processor and overclock it if you want to run a high-end game without facing any lag or delay. 


mac vs pc

Last but not least, one of the main reasons why Mac doesn’t catch up to PC in the race towards gaming dominance is that there are fewer games available and compatible with macOS. For example, the steam store on Mac has only 7000 games, while the steam store on Windows supports over 20,000 games.

So, if you are a true gaming junky, it would be best if you shift your eyes toward Windows PC as you literally play every game in the market. On the other hand, if you are an avid Mac user, you need to wait a few years as Apple is making a few strides to catch up with the market. 

The Final Verdict 

There used to be a time when Mac wasn’t even considered to be a good gaming computer. So, you can’t deny the fact that they have made a huge improvement over the past few years and they seem to set a target for the future. 

Until then, Windows PC will remain to be the king of the throne as it was, is, and is going to be the top choice for gamers for a very long time. But, with the improvement being made, who knows when the situation might change, and the king gets dethroned. 

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