Local SEO vs National SEO: What's Better for You

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly the most common digital marketing strategy. However, many people only know the basics or just do the bare minimum. 

The world of SEO is a significant one. There is a lot to learn, and the Google algorithms keep updating as well. By diving deeper into search engine optimization, you can fully reap its benefits and exceed your goals. 

Local SEO and National SEO are two major parts. But there is often confusion between them. Furthermore, many people either don’t know which one to use or end up mixing them up and only getting half the benefit of each. 

Therefore, here’s what you need to know about Local SEO and National SEO. 

Difference between National SEO and Local SEO

National SEO and Local SEO

National SEO

The terms national SEO, traditional SEO, and on-page SEO are about increasing your website’s visibility on the national level. National SEO consists of several strategies, many of which differ from the local SEO techniques. 

For national SEO, your main focus should be to optimize your content quality and increase your domain authority. For them, you need to focus on improving your content marketing and link building.

Local SEO

On the other hand, local SEO is only specific to a particular local market. But that doesn’t mean the market has to be in your area. You could be sitting in Singapore and targeting a town in Canada with local SEO. 

For local SEO, you will need to focus on getting more NAP citations and improving your online reputation. NAP stands for name, address, and phone. If these three things of your business are spread across directories and other sites, Google will feel more confident about your website. For improving your site’s online reputation, you need to focus on review websites. 

Similarities between Local SEO and National SEO

Similarities between Local SEO and National SEO

While these strategies have different results, there are some things that both local and national SEO target: Google.

Whether you’re interested in local SEO and national SEO, you need to offer put quality on top of your list to make Google happy. After all, Google is on top because it provides its users with top sites that deliver the best user experience.

For national SEO, you may go try doing this with higher quality content, among other things. On the other hand, you should use strategies like getting more listings for local SEO. But, the target for both of them would be to deliver a better user experience. 

Furthermore, both of these strategies need to be handled by seasoned professionals. Therefore, you should look into the SEO Agency Singapore

Finally, you also need the right business website to increase your visitor’s experience. For starters, your site requires the following:

  • Your web pages need to load quickly, which means they shouldn’t have any heavy media.
  • Your site should be easy to navigate, and you should interconnect your web pages wherever possible.
  • Your website shouldn’t have a boring or outdated appearance. Instead, it should look modern and attractive. 
  • Your site needs to be mobile-friendly. 
  • Make your products easy to purchase, meaning a customer shouldn’t have to make more than two clicks to reach checkout.  
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