In order to improve their customers’ experience, Ladbrokes Poker has released a new app allowing users to play on smartphones and tablets. The app has been developed to keep pace with ever-improving technology – the majority of people now own a smartphone, and many people only access the internet on their phone or tablet. As the way in which we access the internet changes, any company that wants to have a serious online presence needs to have an app or at least a mobile version of their site.

The app supportsboth smartphone and tablet devices, offering an incredibly attractive welcome bonus of 200{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b}, up to £1200. All types of poker are currently available on the site, apart from Sit and Go tables, but it is expected to be included in the latest upgrade. Speed Poker, cash games and multi-tabling are all enabled, and the app will save your game if you have to answer your phone while playing.

The layout and user functions are designed to mirror the website as much as possible, and players can deposit and withdraw cash as normal. Security is not an issue, as the payment system is handled by PayPal, and there is an email address provided for if you lose your device or your details are compromised.


Initial reviews of the app have been favourable, particularly among Android users. Connection speeds have been highly praised, and it certainly seems that the app is very easy to use– apps that attempt to include sophisticated functions often run into trouble in this area, especially with early versions. Being able to play cash games for ‘proper’ money on your phone will also be a major draw for poker lovers, and with no limit on pay outs via the app, the daily commute could become a lot more profitable.


The graphics are good as well. One is always sceptical about how good mobile graphics are really going to be, but this app does a really good job, with clear, sharp images, and the chat function works fairly seamlessly. The great news for commuters is that the app will work with a 3 or 4G connection, as well as Wi-Fi, so there should be few problems staying connected.


The Ladbrokes Poker app is available from the Ladbrokes website, or from the Apple store in the UK and Ireland.

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