Many iPad POS developers herald their apps as replacing the cash register, but Kounta’s aiming for something more.  The Kounta Cafe POS & Restaurant POS for iPad is the replacement for the legacy POS systems that replaced the cash register. Developed with hospitality in mind, Kounta will easily fit into any bar, restaurant, cafe, bakery, you get the idea. The retailers of the world weren’t forgotten, though, and will also be impressed with how much functionality can fit inside a cloud-based app:

Kounta 1

  • The POS screen is fully customizable to make taking orders or ringing up customers easy and intuitive for your staff. Organize items by category, color code them, use images, scan for barcodes, you name it.  The Fast Cash button speeds up the line, as do integrated credit card and mobile payments.

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  • Managing your inventory becomes much simpler when it’s tied into your POS. Store menu items as recipes and have the right amount of each ingredient deducted from your stock each time it’s ordered.  Do the same with bundled products.  Modifiers and variants for items fine tune your inventory tracking even more.  Set thresholds and get low stock alerts and generate a PO for more, all from the same interface.

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  • Creating customer relationships is that much easier when you create profiles for them in your POS. Knowing their buying habits makes it easier to create a personalized experience.  Stay in touch with them through social media and email with offers and rewards.

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  • Hospitality-specific features improve the flow of operations and reduce human error, resulting in happier customers. Orders are automatically routed to any or all of your multiple printers, with locations defined at the item level (e.g. sandwich prints to kitchen, coffee prints to drink station).  The ability to track and calculate consumption and waste arms owners to make smarter purchasing decisions.  Table layouts and advanced tipping features make Kounta ideally suited for hospitality.


  • Kounta is cloud-based, but works offline, too-virtually eliminating all major IT headaches. Server maintenance—like hardware upgrades, software updates, and backup management—are in the hands of people who do this sort of thing for a living, leaving you free to run your business.


  • Kounta’s advanced reporting and analytics platform gives even the smallest of businesses access to the kind of sophisticated data analysis the largest companies have been using for years.

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While cloud software has often been criticized as a pale imitation of more robust, legacy platforms, this is more a knock against developers than the cloud itself.  While developing Kounta, the team weren’t focused on the cloud being a solution unto itself.  Rather than make cloud software, they wanted to make software that happened to run in the cloud.

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