KeepVid has for a long time been one of the most reliable sites for downloading different videos from different websites. It has come in different forms and has continued to remain efficient. The use of technology has also continued to evolve and people are moving from spending a lot of time on their PCs and are instead spending time on their smartphones. Most of the smartphones in use run on the Android platform and can access high-speed internet. KeepVid adapted to the growth and change and is now also available on smartphones as KeepVid Android.

keepvid android

KeepVid itself has been providing video downloads from video streaming sites for over 10 years and has therefore gained the trust of 100 million users. The Android app provides free and fast video downloads right from the palm of the user’s hands, whether they are on the move or not. Read on for the features of this trusted video downloader.

It is free

You don’t have to pay anything to use this YouTube downloader. That makes it very useful for those moments when you stumble on a great video and would like to keep a copy for whatever reason.

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High quality music videos

Sometimes music videos come in very poor quality when you download them and that can be annoying when you have a smartphone that can play high quality videos. You can simply get your YouTube videos to MP3 with 320 Kbps and this assures you of a quality visual music experience.  This ability doesn’t interfere with the audio quality in any way thus giving you a wholesome experience.

You also don’t have to exit the application to listen to your music once you download the music videos. Play them straight from this app with no interruptions.

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Fast batch download

Videos can be large sometimes and may take a while but not with KeepVid Android. It allows for speedy downloads with minimal hitches. It is also able to multitask and allows you to download multiple videos at a go. This makes life much easier and access to entertainment much faster.

keepvid android batch download

Direct search

Sometimes you don’t have the direct link to the video but you know which video you are looking for. Maybe you want to confirm whether a video you heard about actually exists but you are already using this app. KeepVid Android allows you to directly search for the video you want and then download it when you find it. If you only remember the artist’s name you can simply use that as the search term. You don’t have to look elsewhere to find the right title.

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Built-in browser

The app has an inbuilt web browser that takes you to the video site you want. All you need to do is visit the video site and directly download your video of choice using this video downloader.

keepvid chainsmokers

HD Video

It comes with the capability to download videos that will give you a great visual experience. It supports 1080p, 2K, 4K, UHD and HD videos thus giving you picture perfect viewing.

keepvid android 2

Great design

It boasts a simple yet elegant design that is bound to appeal to your senses. Working around this interface makes for a great experience any time of day.

keepvid supported

Easy to use

Downloading a video is simple and straightforward. Begin by launching the app just like you would any other. What comes up is a tiled screen showing all the video streaming sites you can download from. You can choose one of them if that is where your video of choice is situated. If not, tapping on the blue button on the bottom right corner will give you an option to manually type in the URL. You can choose the video quality you prefer from the list available. Tap to download and enjoy the music. The interface shows a download progress bar so you know how much longer until you can listen to that great song. You can easily switch between already downloaded music and what is currently downloading for easier follow up.

KeepVid Android currently supports 28 sites including YouTube, Soundcloud, Vevo, Instagram, College Humor, NBC News, Facebook, Vimeo, Discovery, Ebaumsworld and ABC News among several others. You can also share the links to the downloaded videos on other social platforms if you would like to.

keepvid android supported sites


  • It supports a wide range of high quality videos
  • Users can access videos from 28 different sites
  • Allows for batch download
  • Fast download speeds
  • It is free
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for music downloads on the go


There are no downsides to this app at the moment.


KeepVid Android makes video downloads much easier and faster. All the possible ways to access various videos from different sites makes it flexible to use and reduces the likelihood of hitches while searching. Everyone with an Android smartphone can access great music videos while they wait in traffic or as they walk to work. Download this great app for your great experience.

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