How many of us have as homepage??

I hope atleast 60{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of the internet using population would have.

I wondered what might be the homepage of Google itself??

When I typed “ Google homepage” on Google search engine it lead me to “”and it is sad to hear that igoogle will not be available from Nov 2013.

Then a small thought ran down through my mind, what all services do google offer??

As usual i opened a search engine and typed “ services of Google” it lead me to a Wikipedia page and it just stunned me… OMG!! There are so many services that list was longer than i thought.

That fact is they have classification for the services they offer. Here i am just going to mention the names and i will provide the link where you can find all the services offered by the giant.

Web-based products

Search tools

 Google search.

 Google blog search.

Google books.

Google custom search.

Google experimental search.

Google hotspot.

Google language tool.

Google news archives.

And list goes on and there few services that i did not know even a trace of it…

Advertising services

Google Adsense.

Google Adword.

Google website optimizer.

Google grants.

  Communication and publishing tools

Google 3D warehouse.

Google apps (Gmail,Docs,calendar,contact,Gtalk etc…)

Google business solutions (checkouts,postini,analytics etc…)

Google Drive.

i Google.


Picasa web albums

Google reader.

Google voice.


Feed burner.

Google bookmarks.

OOPS!! I am tired of listing them… dont get irritated there are miles to go…

NEXT :oops:

Development resources

Google code.

Google App engine.


Google Go.

Google Tool Kit.

Google developers.

Map-related products

Google building maker.

Google maps.

Google transit.

Zygote body.

 Statistical tools

Google analytics.

Google trends.

Google fusion tools.

Google refine.

Operating systems


Google Chrome OS

Google TV.

Desktop applications

Google earth

Google Chrome.


Wireless access.

Gmail Notifier.

 There are lot of other application that i have not mentioned and most of the above mentioned tools are available for the Mobile version too.

Regarding the Mobile google’s Android is the best known software based service and apart from the software they also offer hardware solutions NEXUS is the smartphone from google that runs on android platform and the personal computer “Chromebook “running chrome OS.

Google has also dicontinued many services probably because it did not reach people or it did not fetch them good returns.

So, If you are really interested to know about the services of Google visit:

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