Most people in marketing or at the executive level in companies spend a lot of time talking about the incredible products that their teams have delivered. The wonderful apps or the highly engaging websites. They have them on their phones and they will share them or talk about them to anyone who will listen. There is a lot of focus paid to the style and look of the product, to its incredible functionality and to all the KPIs that it has met in terms of conversions, ROI and sign-ups. Nobody ever pays proper attention to the boring stuff that happens in the backend; the work of some geek in IT, who has probably toiled harder than most, without much glory or acclaim, to ensure that the product doesn’t fall over or fail before it starts. There is a lot of critical stuff that happens behind the scenes that are worth considering.


Higher the volumes of traffic on a site, the greater the chances are that it will fall over. For this reason, the set-up needs to be scalable and of the highest standards. AWS managed services are now seen as the global standard-bearer and are a great way to go. Competitively priced and with excellent after-sales care, this is the type of hosting solution that you should be looking at. The last thing you want is to maintain your own servers – this isn’t 1995 anymore.

Keeping Things Secure

Another huge benefit of looking at cloud migration is the fact that your data is secure and offsite. This was always the biggest fear for IT guys. That somebody would penetrate the firewall or the proxy and start to hack or hijack your digital properties. Maybe it was just paranoia, but the truth is that there are a lot of black-hat hackers out there seeking to infiltrate and cause harm wherever possible. And having a robust cloud solution in place with a world-class set of security policies and protocols is undoubtedly a good thing.  

All About Reporting 

No digital platform or campaign can be considered worthwhile if there is no data available to verify what happened. This is all about analytics and reporting, and while there are many platforms available, most companies are satisfied to use the bouquet of services that is Google Analytics. This platform tracks visits and conversions, interactions and a host of other key metrics. It allows you to measure your return on investment and to find brag points that will quantify and measure the success of the campaign. 

Domain Registration 

One of the first things that need to happen when a campaign is plotted is to register the domain which will house the digital collateral. If this is something that has already been registered, then it needs to be maintained and paid-up annually to ensure that it doesn’t suddenly get acquired by somebody else. It is a fiddly piece of administration, but a good IT administrator will ensure that all relevant domains are owned and registered.   


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