One of the worst nightmares about electronic devices, specially smartphones is loss of data or data corruption in common terms. Time and again the customer service center guys tell us to back up our data regularly, which causes another dent in our pocket buying new hard drives.

Moreover, since Android is an open ware operating system, the chances of phone getting hanged, bricked or data corruption due to third party apps is very high, and if you are not in warranty, expect a considerable set back to your money.

Above all, we even pay every time we need to recover our data because contacts, messages and images are more valuable than money. But, there is a one-off solution to the same that we will discuss below.

iSkySoft Android Data Recovery


To avoid paying money every time you want to recover your corrupted or deleted files, you must have tried many softwares with hardly any degree of success. That is where iSkysoft Android data recovery comes into view.

This tool has a user interface which is very easy to use and “it just works”. You simply plug in your Android smartphone into the PC and select the files you want to recover. Click on Recover and within a matter of minutes, you are surprised with the data you have wanted back desperately. There is also a step-by-step guide posted on iSkySoft’s website, on how to go about it, if you are not aware of such software.

In today’s smartphone era, we tend to fill our phone to its extent for heavy day-to-day usage, which increases the probability of your phone getting bricked. This makes the importance of data recovery software like these much more important.

When you have hardly any time for yourself, going to an offline mobile repairer to recover your data does not seem relevant and iSkysoft comes handy in such times.

Instead of writing long details about its features, this compacted version of features along with its ratings will help you understand this software much better, and help you in understanding why iSkysoft Android Data Recovery is a thing you need to have on your PC at any given time.



Theme (3.5): The UI is clean and easy to understand, but it loses out of 1.5 points because the world is now pacing towards a flatter, material design while iSkysoft Android data recovery software still flaunts the vintage styled outlook.

Speed (5/5): The scanning process of course does not happen in seconds, because the recovery data size may be huge, but it is very quick in recovering compared to the traditional “go to a mobile repair shop” thing, so the overall recovering process is reduced to a few minutes from few hours.

Features (4/5): Of course, it recovers all types of data fairly accurately, and that’s what really matters. It even scans for lost WhatsApp messages and attachments, if you wish, which is cherry on top.

Overall (4.5/5): It gets our work done, and quickly. What else do we need over here?

Costing about $69.99, iSkySoft Android Data Recovery is a handy little software that brings back our most important data like Contacts, Messages, Images and a lot more which supports more than 6000 different Android Devices including those of Samsung, Moto, Nexus, HTC etc.

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