A few years back, data recovery was considered a thing of the nerds. Whenever you deleted something from your PC, you had to send it to the experts or the hard-disk manufacturers. In the past two years, however, a superb thing happened. Data recovery software became so popular and easy to use. It also meant that any computer user can recover data they deleted from their PC. Quite notably, there are thousands of recovery software too. Now, this is the problem: users are struggling to find a data recovery program that is effective at the same time easy to be operated.

iSkysoft Data Recovery — A Viable Solution

It’s at such an impressive point that iSkysoft Data Recovery makes its entry. iSkysoft Data Recovery was built as the answer for the two questions we raised earlier — effectiveness and usability. The idea was to let users recover files/folders without going through hard-code or stressful steps. And, that’s the reason why iSkysoft Data Recovery became one of the most popular data recovery software you can get for PC right now.

The Top Features from iSkysoft Data Recovery

Of course, there are a few features that make iSkysoft Data Recovery one of the best choices in the town. If you are looking forward to buying an impressive data recovery tool, you need to have an idea about these features.

  • Risk-Free Data Recovery is offered by iSkysoft Data Recovery. You don’t have to worry about safety of existing files or your PC itself while using this program. It works in a seamless manner to scan and find the right files to be recovered.
  • iSkysoft Data Recovery offers multiple scanning modes, depending on how deep the recovery can be. At times, the normal Scan would offer you the best results. If you cannot preview the files yet, you’d have to check out the Deep Scan mode.

  • iSkysoft Data Recovery lets you recover files from multiple sources too, instead of sticking onto your computer. You can find files that you deleted from Hard Disk, MP3 Player, Camera, USB or even any device with a compatible file-system
  • Last but not least, iSkysoft Data Recovery lets you recover a wide variety of file formats, belonging to categories like Audio, Video, Documents, Archive, Emails and Images. This is great when you have to recover a lot of things from a HDD.

How to Use iSkysoft Data Recovery Software?

Now, let’s have a look at how you can recover data from Hard Disk using iSkysoft Data Recovery. The same method can be used for different devices as well.

Step One

You have to install and launch iSkysoft Data Recovery on your PC. From the first screen, you’ve to select the file types you’d like to recover. You can select an individual file-type or multiple ones at once.

Step Two

The next screen shows you all the connected devices. From this list, you have to select the Hard Drive you’d like to recover files from.

Step Three

When you press the Start button, iSkysoft Data Recovery would start quick-scanning your hard drive. You’ve to wait until you see the results on the screen. If you haven’t still got the exact results, you can perform one Deep Scan as well.

Step Four

Once the scanning is done, you can access the Recoverable files from the list. Instead of directly recovering all the files, iSkysoft Data Recovery lets you preview individual files, which is a great feature. If you think you found the file you’re looking for, press the Recover button and you’re done.

See? Recovering any kind of file using iSkysoft Data Recovery is as easy as a piece of cake.

Why Use iSkysoft Data Recovery?

As we said earlier, iSkysoft Data Recovery is easy to use and effective at the same time. You would not have to worry about security of your computer or files while using this program. This doesn’t mean that iSkysoft Data Recovery compromises effectiveness. When compared to any other tool we’ve tested, this is the best choice for Windows data recovery.

It’s clear that iSkysoft Data Recovery is using a powerful recovery engine for this purpose. Even then, there’s no impact on your computer or the footprint. iSkysoft Data Recovery maintains a lower footprint and truly minimal consumption of resources. It means that, even when iSkysoft Data Recovery is deep-scanning your PC for files, you can do other things.

The Bottom Line

Considering all these aspects, we believe that iSkysoft Data Recovery is an awesome file recovery software for Windows PCs. Even if you’re a complete newbie into data recovery, you can count on it. Lifetime license of iSkysoft Data Recovery is priced at $39.95, but you can always check out the free trial. We’d recommend all our readers that you check out this awesome piece of data recovery utility.

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