iPad Air 2 vs. Surface Pro 3: Buy the Right Tablet for Your Business

by Dan

When weighing which tablet is best for your business, you need to first look at your business parameters. Although it makes great kitchen conversation to argue about better game support or which has the prettier cases, you have to consider which tablet best supports your business’s needs. The two frontrunners, Apple’s iPad Air 2 and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, hold a market share of 27.8 percent and 1.9 percent, respectively. The following are a few factors you should consider before making a decision:

iPad Air 2 vs Surface Pro 3 Buy the Right Tablet for Your Business

When Bigger Is Better

Graphic artists, financial analysts who need side-by-side capability or sales persons that cater to the older generations will enjoy the larger size of the Surface Pro 3. The visual face of the Pro is 18 percent taller and 22 percent wider than the Air when held in the landscape position. This gives extra room to increase visual resolution so that fine detail stands out. If there is no value to the extra size for your business, then the Air is smaller, thinner and easier to carry on business trips.

The Power of the Bandwagon

Apple holds the lion’s share of the tablet market for businesses. This makes them accessible and allows vendors to customize packages around the product. For example, the mobile carrier T-Mobile has special deals on the iPad Air 2 that it links to its business packages.

In the same vein, if you are purchasing these tablets for your workforce, you may receive a variety of preferences because people generally stick to what they know. So, Apple people tend to like Apple products and Microsoft folks will want Microsoft devices. You can either go with the majority or let people choose their personal device.

With Slippery Fingers in Mind


The adage the bigger they are, the harder they fall seems to be true when comparing drop test results between the Pro and the Air. Neither performed well when compared to all of the leading tablet brands; however, the Air was the hands-down winner. In a test done by warranty company SquareTrade, the Pro ranked high in breakability compared to the medium score for the Air. So, if your people need the larger tablet, you may want to invest in cases and equipment insurance.

Speed and Stylus Considerations

The processor on the Pro is a little bit faster than the Air, but this is not obvious until the graphics come into play. The Pro has the capability to do some solid artistic work thanks to the stylus and higher processing power. The built-in stylus is the hallmark of the Pro’s functionality, making the tablet an electronic canvas or a notebook that can translate handwriting into text. This is useful if you’re a graphic designer, architect or creative worker, but these features may not be a selling point if you typically work at a desktop computer all day.

No matter which device you choose, make sure it fits your business needs over your personal preferences. But either way, both of these tablets are leaders in the market, so you won’t be disappointed.

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