Affiliate marketing is everywhere on the Internet where e-Commerce is concerned, for the simple reason that it represents such a convenient way of doing business; a win win situation where retailers get to sell their items without forking out on marketing campaigns, while marketers can tap into income streams with no need to be managing stock. For such a slick and seamless business model it’s only common sense for entrepreneurs to consider integrating their affiliate programs with mobile technology.

In practical terms, statistics consistently reveal the extent to which retail business is now reliant on mobile technology, with more than half of all time spent on digital media now being devoted to mobile devices. For affiliate marketers to capitalize on this aspect of it potential customer base this is what you need to know about integrating your strategy.Target mobile users

From the retailer’s point-of-view, they need to think about the ease with which anyone who has signed-up to one of their affiliate programs can use mobile technology when it comes to promoting the brand. For the marketers, the important consideration is to think of the best ways to capture that all-important web traffic and keep it channeled towards their website or blog. Whichever end of the affiliate collaboration scale you are coming from, the bottom line is you have to be creative.

When it comes to harnessing the attention of Internet browsers, think in terms of advertisements or indeed any other form of content that will respond to a range of separate devices, right across digital media. At the design stage of any affiliate’s web platform it is of paramount importance that they analyze how each aspect of their digital content will display in various browsers, whether that’s video, images or plain text. Remedial action must be taken at the test stage of your page design layout if content is being rendered in confusingly different sizes or formats.

Remember, upwards of 75% of adults access the Internet on at least two devices on a regular basis. Two-thirds of these users actively switch devices right in the middle of completing transactions.

Another aspect of mobile phone use that must be factored into your promotional planning is the fact that there are time factors involved with customer access. Potential clients are often browsing the affiliate sites first thing, on a casual basis, perhaps as they go about getting ready to leave the house in the morning, or during their commute. There will be a dip in engagement by mid-morning, and again mid-afternoon. You can take advantage of these fluctuations by factoring in promotional campaigns that take account of them. Introduce your customer base to certain product details earlier on, then ensure the items are ready to be accessed from the affiliate listings at more popular times of day – around mid-day or heading towards five o’ clock in the afternoon and beyond.

It’s important to keep track of your customer habits, and not just as in tallying the total products bought. There are sophisticated software tools that can be integrated with mobile devices to interrogate your affiliate program to get valuable feedback about the actions of your customers. Everything from click-tracking to analyzing the URL origins of your buyers will help paint a picture of who is showing up at your site to purchase your products. This data will give you an idea of which items are proving to be most successful; which can be really plugged with reviews and social media discussions, and which are performing less well.

You can break down your customer base further by reaching out to them and fostering loyalty. There are all sorts of incentives you can provide to regular clientele, offering discounts, or sending out key product information to your list of subscribers.

Remember, affiliate marketing is all about creating general interest about an item and maintaining it, as opposed to simply exhorting people to buy something. Keep in touch with your customers regularly, via newsletters and email shots. Always look to be seeking feedback about your items. Retailers will also want to know about positive or negative experiences of using mobiles to access products. To get the best offers and get support of the experienced staff go to TopOffers mobile affiliate marketing network and find something that will be the best fir for you and your audience.

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