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As business leaders and their workforces become less attached to their brick-and-mortar workplaces, the adoption of unified communications is becoming essential. Over the past few years, firms have shown interest in cloud adoption and BYOD practices, however the first quarter of 2015 has demonstrated a renewed interest in the developing trends of unified communications and its counterparts. For those companies that are thinking about going global, the need for an efficient collaboration system is a main priority. Alongside that, more businesses will likely integrate video communication into their business operations this year, forever altering the communication landscape for managers, employees and clients. Lastly, remote workforces have reenergized trends regarding mobile capabilities as workers now are expected and able to work from anywhere at any time. Is your business ready for all of these changes? For more information on the upcoming trends in unified communications, check out the infographic below:

Shoretel Upcoming Trends in Unified Communications SG

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