Looking for the perfect gift for your family member or friend who has to have all the newest tech gadgets? Sure there are a ton of gadgets out there, but this infographic covers the ESSENTIAL must have pieces of technology.

Fitness trackers and garmin watches from Gear Hungry are extremely popular, useful to track your daily physical activity, calories burnt and lot more. Smart watches are handy extensions of your smart phone that give you access to calling, messaging, and all of your apps bundled in a stylish wrist watch. Gone are the days of reading paperbacks, e-Readers can store thousands of books and you can even connect to the web and download MORE books on the go. Smart glasses are the next step up from the smart watch: enjoy audio output, a microphone, GPS, and a display right in front of your eyes. Last on the list is the up and coming TV Stick. Take all of your favorite shows with you wherever you go, and access the endless content available in popular libraries including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus.


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