If you expect that the moment you will hit the publish button on your blog, “likes” followed by “comments” and “shares” will become a trend, then I can politely tell you to wake up. Since, promotion has its own importance. No matter how well written and researched article, you have come up with, if it is not promoted, then I am afraid to say that you shouldn’t accept any positive trait. Therefore, based on my experience, I can proudly say that before you want to know how to start a blog or you’re looking to create a website, you should equally be well versed with the following points to improve your blog or site with a killer SEO strategy.

Insert keywords in titles

A title without keywords is of not much use with regards to search engine point of view. Since, it is not able to recognize the post from the title. Similarly, a visitor who is interested to read your post won’t actually able to know “what the article is all about” too.

Optimize title tags

How can you overlook the importance of title tags of the website pages, especially as search engines keep an eye on them? So, don’t overlook their importance when it comes to providing unique description in every single page.


A great Meta description will do wonders

“Short and precise” can be best summed up for writing an effective meta description of 160 characters or less. Each set of pages should have unique one.

Use Google+

There is no dearth of facilities waiting for you to optimize the blog in the best possible manner. Another way to improve SEO with a killer blog is to make use of Google+ which is a Google’s advanced authorship markup. Therefore, make an account and be a part of happy, satisfied and jubilant blog owners whose ranking change for the better over a due period of time.

Design has to be top notch

The basic characteristic in SEO starts right from the design of your page. I know ads are important, but too many of them will slow down the page. Hence, only keep one or two after ascertaining down your “best performing ads”. Similarly, sidebar should be free from clutter or else bounce rate will increase and Google might eventually even punish your blog for the same. This is here that Wix website builder can assist you in creating an awesome, SEO friendly websites according to the parameters. Thereby, it leaves no room of any hindrance during the time of its promotion. Wix has equally become a house hold name, with over 85 million users and counting, you can trust that it’s a great product to start a blog or create your very own website.

Improve Your Blog With Killer Seo

The platform offers the ability to easily optimize your blog with its functional SEO Wizard that helps all blog owners with all their SEO needs. In short, right from creating a website to customizing things, you get 24*7 assistance in no time. There are hundreds of designer made templates right within your reach to create that are perfect for creating an ecommerce website or online store. Pleasantly, things are so easy to switch into that as you don’t have to be proficient in technicalities as well. The professionalized, dedicated and experienced staff makes it the reality by giving you an edge over hoards of others. You only have to spend a reasonable amount and it is nothing when compared with the effective pleasant change which you experience overall.

Social sharing buttons should be visible

  • “Share” button should be placed at the spots easily visible. Here, the best place which I can relate is side and bottom of page.
  • Don’t shy away from requesting your esteemed readers to share content, followed by social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc which can further transport your posts to masses. Wix has a great solution for this, as you can add apps from the App store to increase to make it as easy as possible to share your content on social networks.

With Wix’s powerful blog editor, you can search for YouTube and Vimeo clips and embed them straight form the editor. You can even add GIF’s directly to your blog post. If that is not enough, you have all sorts of other features you can add, by just dragging and dropping, such as: HTML customization, easy but effective SEO tools, photo/video galleries, social tools etc.

Improve Your Blog

Final thoughts

Based on my experiences, I have come up with the following post to help you overcome the hurdles and problems which I had faced initially. Hence, you can better help yourself in creating a viral post. By using Wix’s platforms, you can easily start your own blog and add ton of features to your blog site as all everything is available in one spot. I wish all of you lovely bloggers “Best of Luck for your future endeavors” especially those who are eager to know how to start a blog or ecommerce website. I can say that never get demoralized, since fortune favors the brave. I know that you are brave enough towards turning the fortune in your favor.

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