Today one of the easiest ways to realize a new project and let people know about it is to have a fresh website. You can have different sections; one about you, another one with pictures, one with a little blog and a last one with your contact info. The style of your website depends on what you are looking for. After you create your website with your specifications, it is time to promote it. Here are a couple ideas to accomplish that goal.

new website


Your content is the key to having a successful website, one of the rules is that it needs to be appealing to your audience. The way to keep it fresh is to renew the information regularly, but if in your case you can’t make it daily, another option will be set up a weekly schedule for you and your viewers. You will have the opportunity to plan in advance the post and make it perfect. To complement your website you can use pictures, videos or even music. As another idea you can invite a special guest to talk about some news or themes of interest on a Podcast or web-radio show.

Social Media

social media

Nowadays social media is everything in our lives. It can help you to connect you with people from other countries, with the same taste, ideas and can also help you share information. The idea, just as with the information, needs to be eye catching, interesting, or something that can even generate some nice debates with your viewers; this all can help nourish the website with different opinions. You can use the most common social medias: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you have the time, you can post several times per day. Also, you can ask support from you friends or family to help you share links of your social media and accounts.

Take 5 minutes

Sometimes when you work hard all the time, your brain can stop working, it will be difficult to focus or be organizing posts. It is important to take a break every so often… you can take 5 minutes or three hours; it depends on the time you need to clear your mind. Also, you can do other activities like yoga, meditation, and possibly get a massage or treatment stress. Check out your closest spa, they will have what your need.

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