How Web Designers Promote Businesses and Achieve Growth?

Web designers are not just about designing websites, they are also about promoting the company that they are producing the website for. Their services go beyond just design, although their design services are invaluable for a business relying on creativity to attract new customers as well as retain their existing ones.

A company called web design London represents a company in this field and one that has helped many businesses to achieve visibility and build up a base of loyal customers or clients, depending on their activities.

Physical Attraction

Physical Attraction

Although a website is in effect a digital medium it should have a physical attraction to its user. This is created by appealing graphics and company logos that are universally identifiable to those finding the site. Clashes of shades will be avoided by experienced web designers, as will using fonts that are difficult to read. It is a balance between looking appealing but remaining clear to see.

Care taken with formatting will mean that daunting blocks of text are avoided. Also, where possible, images and videos will be used to say a message in a more appealing way that draws in potential customers to buy or engage with services.

Sketchy information and bad images will detract from a website’s appeal. Focus does need to be given to how something looks as much as what it says when website design happens. This can be why it is best left to a professional who knows the pitfalls of website design because of their experience of designing for many different situations. 


Physical Attraction

Apart from looking appealing, a good website will have the kind of functionality that will make it easy to navigate and easy to use. There is no point in having a website easy to find and then not easy to use. Users will then quickly look for another website that appeared top of the search list. Digital marketing can have taken care of that for a business but the website needs to be worth finding in the eyes of those potential customers that found it quickly.

A website that functions well will be quick and not be slowed down by software or unnecessary inclusions. A link to buy should be clear and take care of a payment smoothly. Leaving feedback should not be a chore but something easy to do. This feedback will be invaluable for the company receiving it. A service that ends up being improved will ultimately mean attracting many of the customers that were previously put off. Recommendations about a good website will quickly spread because of interactions on social media platforms.

The worst thing that everyone must have experienced about a website is when one is painfully slow. This needs to be not due to the website itself. A good structure too will aid functionality.



Because you have your website produced by a professional web designer it will not have the flaws that you often see on many websites. For instance, something of a rainbow of shades can be overwhelming. Anything that makes navigation unclear will prove frustrating to users. The amount of scrolling required can be reduced by the use of buttons that instantly take users from one screen to another. Images that are just what you would describe as stock images will not prove appealing if they have been seen somewhere before. We want originality with our website, and although we are hopefully contemplating an experienced person take care of it, they will still look to make each website they produce bespoke.

Thinking about the above considerations will be second nature to a professional web designer. Above all, a website needs to be appealing so that its users, who represent potential customers or clients, will want to stay on there. The more time that they stay on a website, the more likely it is that they will decide to buy a product from that site or sign up for one of the services it offers. Web designers will know about the different types of businesses, and so gear the website to a customer who buys a specific product or a client who purchases a certain service.

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