When most people think of couriers, they think of logistical nightmares. It takes a lot to send a package from one place to another, and organisation and time management skills must be at peak efficiency to get the ball rolling. Then comes the effort to discover the right courier, and obsessively tracking the package every step of the way to make sure it arrives on time in good fashion.

However, a courier collection service is when you can send an item directly from your location; it could be your house, office or any other setup you have. A courier is dispatched to meet you with you and take the package to the delivery depot to await further delivery to the intended recipient. So how can this service save you both time and money in a way that other couriers can’t?

They Come to You

This isn’t just a friendly exchange of pass the parcel; a regular arrangement of a courier collection service can save enormous amounts of time. Remember, they essentially eliminate the need for you to get up and head out of your headquarters and into theirs to make your delivery, which with commutes and queues combined, could actually end up taking many hours from your day.

Of course, in business terms, a loss of working hours can swiftly translate to a loss of money! Tallying up the costs of missing workers making deliveries and funding the fuel to get there, removing all of this generates a much more focused, and likely happier, business. Performance results would no doubt improve for the long term, and the business would only grow stronger because they were able to trim the fat in their operations.

Guaranteed Delivery

Some couriers can have such poor service that orders for their customers occasionally don’t arrive at all, leaving that disappointed wannabe recipient in a mess. They’ll start making phone calls, tracing packages, apologising to who was supposed to receive the package, trying to fix things etc. Mistakes in parcel delivery have a domino effect, and each one that falls is time lost.

However, the best couriers are able to personally guarantee their delivery. Companies such as Parvel2Go particularly emphasise a speedy and secure delivery, not only making sure goods arrive in good condition but in good time too. The reliability factor is a big part of the service, meaning customers can practically forget about the parcel as soon as it’s off their hands.

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