The process of improving productivity at your company will have to be done carefully. Finding the balance between productivity and employee morale is imperative. The quality of work provided to clients should not decline in the name of increasing productivity. Technology can play a huge role in being able to increase productivity via automation and more targeted work. Taking an assessment of what processes can be optimized can help you create a plan of action. Asking current staff how productivity can be improved is often the best course of action. Staff might understand what is required to increase productivity in a much more detailed way than management. Below are tips to help utilize technology to help improve productivity at your business. 


Collaboration with the cloud and other platforms allow teams to work on the same project at once. Developing software is a great example as this might need to be done by various web development professionals. JFrog offers quite a few different platforms and tools to help with collaboration. Do not underestimate being able to see edits done in real-time as a writer or even a web designer. Take the time to look at the various platforms that can be utilized in order to collaborate across a number of projects. The cloud has made it easy and secure to work on projects of varying importance. 


Marketing has changed immensely in the digital age with a variety of factors impacting campaigns. Even the simple ability to generate content topics in relation to the content that did the best in terms of traffic is an advantage. Being able to publish a post across social media channels will help increase the reach that a specific post or piece of content has. The days of wondering if a certain tactic works are gone as ROI is measured explicitly by a number of different tech tools. 


Sales is an important part of every business. Companies with great sales teams can surpass their competition over the course of time. Sales emails can be automated to help follow-up with a lead or to try to upsell a current client. The ability to send an email and see which links are clicked or how long the recipient spent on the company website can be invaluable. Utilizing the recording of calls and A/B testing for all types of pitches will allow for a large amount of data to be collected. 

The sales funnel is going to be very important so make sure this stays as updated as possible. The sales team can also show the number of leads that were closed and communicate to the marketing team if the leads were high or low-quality. 


Communication has improved to the point where entire companies are run by employees that work remotely. The ability to work with people from around the country allows for hires to be made based on talent instead of a combination of location and talent. Interviewing someone can now be done virtually which will not only save time for HR but also for the applicant. 

Hiring can be done in a far more efficient way due to hiring software that utilizes data and artificial intelligence. These pieces of technology use keyword identification and patterns in previous quality hires. Increasing the quality of hire consistently over time will allow your company to build a staff that any business would be proud of. These pieces of technology also send automated emails to move an applicant to the next step of the hiring process. The automated emails can also be sent out for those applicants that might not have been a good fit for the position. 

Management Of Freelancers Has Become Global!

There is time tracking technology available on freelancer platforms like that of Upwork. The technology makes it easier than ever to monitor daily work that is being performed. Instant messaging with clear instructions will make the management of freelancers far more efficient. Your company can scale projects in a very easy way with the right team of freelancers. For example, a digital marketing company of a few people can produce hundreds of pieces of written content using freelancers. Gone are the days of freelancers producing inferior work. This niche of business continues to grow due to the freedom that freelancing gives many professionals. Take the time to build a pool of freelancers that can be called upon for tasks to be done when systems start to overload in-house. 

The ability to continually improve productivity month after month will grow a business in a healthy way. Make changes one at a time in order to see the direct impact of the change. Multiple tweaks could result in the company not having a firm grasp on what actually helped as it will be difficult to gauge. 

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