Smartphones aren’t only for making calls, send texts or watch funny videos. There are so many things you can do with them. Also, there are thousands of apps you can download to enhance their capabilities and things you can do with them. They are expensive to buy but they can quickly pay their costs back. They can also help you save money, time and make you work more efficiently that makes them priceless tools in your everyday life. Here are some of the ways you can use your smartphone.

1. Global Position Systems (GPS)

1.Global Position Systems (GPS)

Quite a few cell phones come with GPS already installed today that you don’t really need to buy one for your vehicle or worry that it is out of date. If you already have a GPS on your automobile that is a few years old you may find that it doesn’t recognize new roads or changes in street circulation. It may be costly to upgrade it. Why bother when you can have it on your phone for free. The best part of phone GPS is that you can upgrade them or get a better one whenever you need.

2. Cameras and Recording Devices

Many people spend a lot of money on cameras and recording devices and realize that their phone has a better camera and recording facility. Besides who wants to carry so many devices with them? They are bulky and you are likely to lose or misplace them. Most people hold onto their phones tightly and they can easily slip in your pocket.

3. Do You Need an Additional Music Player

Another gadget that is eliminated with the latest smartphones is the music players like IPod. They perform the same function. In fact, many cars allow you to connect your phone to your car stereo system and play music from your phone. This saves because you only need to download your music to your phone. It saves money as well since you don’t need to buy CDs or expensive stereos to play music. All you need is good sound system in your car.

4. Do You Need Landline Anymore?

Many people don’t need landline telephones anymore since they use their cell phones all the time. You may not need to have a connected home phone anymore to have internet at home. Cable companies provide internet and some companies can provide you internet over a landline without charging you for line rental. Depending on your internet usage you may not need internet connection at home as well. There are ways of connecting your computer using your phone internet connectivity.

5. Do You Compare Prices?

You are always connected today that you can always check prices in other stores when you see something that interests you. You can check the goods you see carefully, touch, smell and try but you don’t have to buy it. You don’t have to worry about going to another store either. You can take out your phone and check its price from another store or other online provider. Today, most providers offer free delivery which eliminates the need to be physically present to buy something.

You can either download apps that allow you to compare prices or you can check the stores that sell the item in question. You can even get auto insurance quotes on your phone, record the details of an accident or start the claim process with your insurer. Remember that you can check prices before you make a purchase next time.

6. Do You Use Your Smartphone to Learn?

.Do You Use Your Smartphone to Learn

There are many apps these days that allow you to learn new things, improve your vocabulary or even help you get around in a foreign country. You can download dictionaries, spell checkers and educational apps of all sorts today. For example, DriveScribe is an app that helps you improve your driving. This app will tell you how well you have been driving and what mistakes you made. You don’t need to pay for expensive driving courses to improve your skills behind the wheel. All you need to do is to turn this app on while driving and check the results at the end.

7. Do You Use Reminders and Lists?

There are a few apps that allow you to set reminders and make lists. Setting reminders allows you not to forget important tasks and frees up your mind. In addition, you can prepare lists that can save you money and time. You don’t need to go to shops each time you need something. Just put it in your list and get everything you need in one trip. This saves you time and money on petrol for your car. Also, you don’t need alarm clocks anymore as your phone can wake you up.

8. Do You Find the Cheapest and Best?

Apps like Gasbuddy can help you find the best petrol prices around you. Apps like yelp can tell you where is the best restaurants or cafes in your reach. You can read reviews online as well to find out which one is the most popular. You can use any of the popular apps like Trapster to find the best routes when you are driving that help you avoid congestion and save time.

9. Do You Use Your Phone to Work Better?

You can still remain connected with your work and colleagues when you are on the go. You can have tele conferences using free apps like Skype or download apps for keeping appointment books. You can check your e-mails and respond to messages quickly giving the impression that you are always on top of your business or work.

Furthermore, apps like Waze can help you track where your colleagues or customers who are in your network are. This increases your chance of interacting with them or coordinates your team efforts.

10. Do You Use Your Smartphone to Manage Your Money?

Do You Use Your Smartphone to Manage Your Money

There are a few apps from banks, budgeting websites and other financial services product providers that allow you track and manage your money. You don’t need to go to bank to carry out many banking tasks. You can also check how you are doing with your budgeting at any time. You can check stocks or look at your current portfolio too.

Calculators and converters are always in your palm these days. You don’t need to worry about getting the math wrong or make the currency or metric conventions in your head anymore. There are plenty apps and already installed applications that can quickly do all these for you.

Find out what else you can do with your phone. Since you have paid a lot of money for it you might as well make it work for you harder.

This article is written by Nicki Shaw who likes her smartphone. You can read her other article about helpful free car apps that can help you enjoy driving more. Please never text or pick up the phone while driving a vehicle and be safe.

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