For many, there is no real reason to unlock their Samsung Galaxy S9, if the person is totally happy with the services provided by their carrier. When it comes to switch up carriers and open up new features, a simple code can be used to unlock a phone. That code can be purchased or received from your carrier or through third-party websites.

Basically, carriers lock the phones so that users can’t jump to the competition to find a better price or better service. Unlocking helps users get around those barriers and pick the service that is the absolute best for them. The codes, used to unlock Samsung Galaxy S9, can be useful for those wishing to use different network sim cards or travel internationally.

Why unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9?

There are several reasons to unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S9

When traveling abroad, many carriers will charge large roaming fees or charge you for international travel. By purchasing a local SIM card for calls and data the phone user can save a bunch of money in fees.

If the phone is purchased through one service, but the user wants to be on a different service, unlocking can help with the switch. For example, if someone is on their own plan with network A and wants to join on someone else’s cheaper plan on network B. That can be done through unlocking the phone.

How to obtain a code to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9

The first thing to do is to dial *#06# from your phone. Then, you will get an IMEI number.

That number will be used whether the user gets the code from the carrier or if he or she receives the code from a third-party website.

Receiving a code through your carrier

Write that number down and then check with your carrier’s website to see if you can get a code from them.

Different carriers handle the codes differently. You can call them and ask for your Samsung Galaxy S9 unlock code. Working through a carrier can take time. Most carriers don’t want to lose customers, so they make each person jump through hoops to get the code approved. This also doesn’t work well if the person owes that carrier money. If your phone is paid in full, then some carriers can give users the code for free.

Receiving a code through an unlocking service

If you don’t want to go through a carrier or if your phone is not yet paid off, there are also websites that will give users the code they need to unlock.

The unlocking services like Codes2unlock asks the user a few simple questions to get started, like make, model and locked network of the phone. Users then enter the IMEI number they received by dialling *#06# from their phone, just like they would through a carrier and pays for a code through the site. Prices range based on carrier.

Instructions for unlocking your phone

Whether someone gets their code through the carrier or through a website, the code will allow them to unlock their phone and open up carrier settings.

Once you have the code, remove the SIM card from your phone. Then, just insert a new SIM card from the carrier you want to use.

Your phone will them ask you for an unlock code or a network PIN.

Enter the code you received through your carrier or through the third-party website or code provider.

Once you enter the code, your device should be unlocked and you will be able to use the new SIM card.

Final thoughts

Getting stuck with one carrier can be a real pain, so getting one of the unlock codes and freeing the phone from the restraints of the carrier opens up tons of new opportunities.

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