Do you want to cut-down your phone bill by changing your network provider? Save money on rooming fees while traveling? Sell you phone for an increased price?

Assuredly, you answered ‘YES’ for at least one of the questions. Oh well, who doesn’t want to increase their budget?

If you bought or received the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and you can’t use it with the carrier of your choice, you’ll consider to unlock it. Further on, you will find out what is the most effective way to unlock your smartphone along with all the details about this method.


Before starting to discuss how the unlocking process works, let’s have a quick overview on how useful is to have your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge unlocked.

Picture the scenario of you wanting to change your network provider for any specific reasons like cheaper monthly plans or better internet connection. Since almost all network operators sell locked devices, you won’t be able to use a SIM card from a different carrier. The solution will certainly be to unlock your handset and, right after that, you can use any carrier that suits your needs.

Undoubtedly you love traveling, and when it comes to pay massive roaming fees a headache hits your hard. Well, you can avoid this costly fees by simply unlocking your phone and using a local carrier.

The unlocking process explained step by step

Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6 by code is the most frequently used method, being the easiest, cheapest, fastest and safest method. In other words, you can safely use online unlocking services such as or and get your unlocking code in a matter of minutes.

I personally used to unlock my Galaxy S6 and everything went smooth and easy, at a very decent price. Here is the process structured in 3 easy steps:

1st Step

You have to complete an order form with 3 pieces of information: the IMEI of your phone, and an e-mail address, country and network you originally bought your phone from.

find your IMEI written on the sticker underneath the battery

Tip: find your IMEI written on the sticker underneath the battery or type *#06# on your phone and press dial button.

2nd Step

At this moment there is no particular action needed. You just have to check your notifications because you’re just about to receive the unlocking code by e-mail.

3rd Step

Insert into your phone a SIM card from a different network provider (not the same as the one your phone was working with). Preceding this, your handset will display “SIM network unlock pin” and empty space where you have to input the unlocking code. Once done, your smartphone will read “Unlock Successful” and you will be free to use any carrier around the world.

In the case that you got stacked or you need assistance, the customer support is available non-stop for you. Here you can watch short and detailed video tutorial about how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Of course, there are other methods to unlock you phone such as rooting, which is the riskiest one, or asking your provider, which is more expensive and time consuming.

I stick to the opinion that buying the unlock code online is the easiest and fastest method to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6.This process goes smoothly and can be done by everyone while sitting at home, at the office or anywhere it has an internet connection. Moreover, unlocking your handset by code is the safest and cheapest method chosen by thousands of people every day.

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