Words like “Unprecedented times”, “Industry disruption”, “Unchartered territories” never made more sense than they do now as the dire pandemic COVID-19 sweeps the world from its feet and disrupts businesses and economies around the world! But as many industries are hassled by the Coronavirus and are troubled by the steps taken by Governments to curb this flu from spreading, many industries and businesses are reinventing themselves and have successfully managed to sustain and grow during these times. One of those industries that have managed to grow during this pandemic is Printing Businesses!

While the brick and mortar business model in the printing business is facing troubles due to the social distancing norms and there has also been a fall in demand of signage, banners, posters and other print material from certain industries like entertainment, malls and restaurants, many printers are making a paradigm shift towards new industry demands and new product requirements to sustain and grow during these unprecedented times! Same like other industries, COVID-19 has also affected printing industry and has urged to plan strategies to be future ready. If you too are into the printing industry then below are the ways to sustain and grow your printing business amid the COVID-19 crisis:

Custom T-shirts:

If you have a Custom T-shirt design tool handy, you can offer a lot of custom t-shirt designs that can help people during these challenging times. While the personalised t-shirts might take a backseat for a while, need for custom t-shirts have seen a surge in the following industries:

1. Fund Raiser t-shirts:

There are a lot of fundraisers being organised around the world where organisers are looking for custom made t-shirts and costumes for the staff that can encourage participants to donate more. With a custom t-shirt design tool integrated in your platform, not only can you offer such custom products to the fundraiser organisers, but you yourself can also create a campaign of your own and attract contributors, NGOs and corporate to donate and order t-shirts. 

2. Coronavirus Communication T-shirts:

There are many interesting designs currently trending in the market that smartly portrays the precautionary measures of the novel Coronavirus. Whether it is “if you can see this, you are too close” t-shirts or “Social Distancing” t-shirts or “Wash your Hands” t-shirt, with a t-shirt custom design tool you can definitely create a product line that can pick up pace during this times. 

3. Awareness And Community t-shirts:

While the world quarantines to save their lives, there are many who are fighting on the frontline trying to save and sustain the world from the COVID-19 crisis! These efforts are not going in vain and around the world there are many initiatives taken by the Governments and the cosmopolitans to show their gratitude towards these people and your custom t-shirts of gratitude and awareness can contribute! Integrate a custom t-shirt design software and gain virtual designs of such messages.

Signs And Stickers:

Right from corporate enterprises to NGOs to retail shop owners who are categorised as essential and are allowed to open their shops, they all will need standard stickers and signs that can help them communicate with their employees, associates and customers! 

Technology Background clipart - Billboard, Paper, Product ...

When you have a custom sign board design software or custom sticker design software, you can create a product line that can serve to all these requirements! And if you have standard Web2Print software, you can serve the tool itself to the clients and ask them to create brand specific signs and stickers.

Personal Protective Equipments (PPE Kits):

For 3-D printing businesses, it is their time of the lives! With the unprecedented surge in the demand of masks, face covers and other PPE requirements, 3-D printers are using the 3-D product configuration tool to create a wide range of products in various sizes and shapes to help people save them from the COVID-19 virus! 

Apart from that, the 3-D product configuration tool can also be rendered as a product for people who wish to make customised PPE for their enterprise or as a part of their donations!

Web2Print Software:

After reading that if one thing is certain it is that, instead of bearing huge preliminary expenses on creating a stock of products mentioned above, you can integrate Web2Print software that not only helps you in creating and integrating new products into your business and website without the need of bulk production. 

Social Media Marketing:

Apart from these products and a Product Designer tool for your online printing business, you need to leverage social media platforms for increased sales and branding purposes. For instance, create products using Web2Print design software and then share your designs directly to various Social Media platforms along with your website feed! You can reach a greater audience with your Social Media Platforms and cover lockdown losses with minimal efforts and investment.

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Parting Words:

Times are tough but with little investment and little diversification, print businesses can not only survive these unprecedented times but can also grow their business with new customers and product categories! All you have to do is create a website with the above-mentioned categories and optimize them for Search Engines and then promote them on social media for optimum reach.

About The Author:

Abhishek Agarwal, CMO of Design‘N’Buy, Web-to-print solution provider which is compatible with various industry business including t-shirts, business card, uniform, label, sticker, brochure, signboard and many more that helps printers to get their business ahead of the curve. By leveraging decades of experience in providing the solution to some of the biggest names in printing industries, he and his team have crafted solution with every feature that their customers would want to have in order to create the design of their choice with ease.

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