We have all been to the cinema to watch the latest movies and have eaten our way through the buckets of popcorn and sweets as we are enthralled by the action we see on the screen. We shared this experience with other people in the cinema but sometimes you might get people coming in late or making quite a bit of noise, which distracts our attention from the screen.

What if you could have the cinema experience in your very own home? Now you can, as you can turn your living room into a movie theatre complete with projector, projector screen and sound system. By setting up your living room as a home cinema, you will be able sit down in comfort with either friends or family and enjoy a movie without interruption.


In this post, we will look at how you can achieve the perfect cinema experience.


Many manufacturers develop projectors specifically for the home cinema market, as people now prefer to stay in than rather than going out. They are wide range of projectors available on the market, which are capable of displaying movies in both high definition as well as 3D now.

Projector Screen

You need to remember that a projector will only be as good as the surface it is reflecting off. That is why it is worth investing in a screen so that you can achieve the best viewing experience. There are a variety of screens to choose from electric screens, manual screens and mobile screens.

Electric screens can be operated via remote whereas a manual screen works by you pulling a cord to bring the screen up and down. Mobile screens are more those who are going to use the projector in more than one place.

3D Glasses

With some movies filmed in 3D, it requires you to wear special glasses in order to watch the movie in its true dimension. There two types glasses, active and passive with both having their advantages and disadvantages. Passive glasses tend to be lighter than active and in available in different forms including designer and clip-on versions for those who wear regular glasses. They do not flicker when using another device such as laptop or a phone.

Active glasses will have flicker when using another device. It also needs the batteries to be replaced from time to time.

Sound System

The sound system plays a key part in your home cinema experience, as you want to make sure you can hear every sound of the movie from the spoken dialogue to the loud explosions. The primary speakers will not be sitting next to the projector, as you would get with a television. They are going to be spread across the entire room. The speakers you buy can easily make or break your viewing experience.

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