How to Protect PC from Malware and Have a Secure Browser Experience?

If you desire a free tool that could protect against malicious malware, IObit Malware Fighter 9 is certainly a choice. It offers the general malware protection features alongside the additions that might help you to make everything better. The software also offers a Pro plan that provides some unique protection features.

We’ll talk about what IObit Malware Fighter could give to use and the pricing within this review. We’ll also discuss whether this tool is actually decent or not.

On the surface, IObit Malware Fighter 9 comes off as a decent antivirus software that works and performs just as expected. But when we see closer, we might find something that could change the whole user experience. Let us start the review by taking a look at its features first.

How to Protect PC from Malware

IObit Malware Fighter Features

IObit Malware Fighter is generous enough with the free version of this software. You won’t get anything much fancy, but most importantly you can have different scans modes. The UI is quite simple to understand, showing each label clearly without a fuss. Besides, there’s Scan History to show how many threats have been detected, and you could proceed by deleting them all or just delete some separately.

IObit Malware Fighter also has Homepage Advisor, which detects any problems in your search engine or homepage. Ideally, the software already has a feature to remove any malware that could modify anything in your search bar.

You can also enjoy Surfing Protection alongside the ads removal feature, which could enhance your browsing experience. It’ll protect you from fake and malicious websites in real-time and prevent any phishing attempts to come closer. With this feature available, you have decent internet protection for the day.

IObit Malware Fighter Features

As you may be expected, everything better comes with the Pro version. Aside from the more comprehensive malware protection, the Pro version gives an added convenience through the existence of a safe box. It’s a place where you can store your data and make everything safe with encryption and a master key. The software supports the latest Windows 11.


The pricing system in IObit Malware Fighter is basically simple. There are two versions you can pick: Free and Pro. While the free version gives you a limited scan feature, the Pro gives extra features and functions. Surely, using the Pro version is much better in this scenario. You can buy a licence for one computer, but there is also another option for three computers during the limited deals. Annual pricing of $19.95 certainly makes sense for what it can offer. 

It Is Good?

IObit Malware does seem to be a good Malware protection and free antivirus tool. It offers a simple UI, good malware protection, and even additional features that you might use for extra security. It also has dual-engine protection, smart scans, and anti-ransomware. 

However, some unique features are limited to the Pro version only. But if you do want to try a free tool for malware and ransomware for the first time, IObit Malware Fighter is a good start.

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