How to Prepare for a Cloud Computing Job

Are you looking to become a cloud computing expert and dream of working as a cloud computing professional? This specialized field needs you to train for it in a serious manner, hence here are a few tips that will help you prepare for a cloud computing job.

  1. Be Aware of the Various Cloud Technology Platforms

There are three cloud computing platforms in the market- Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure. You may be applying for a specific cloud platform job such as AWS, but it is essential for you to gain some knowledge of the other platforms as well. You need not get really deep into the computing platforms, but it is good to gain some fundamental knowledge of the same. 

  1. Know Cloud Computing Fundamentals

This is essential to crack any job interview in this field. It is the foundation of cloud computing which you should be aware of in-depth. Learn about the cloud computing services categories like platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), functions as a service (FaaS). You should also know about topics such as Cloud Formation & Architecture, Cloud Deployment Models, Service Models, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. These pieces of information are the backbone of learning cloud computing which you cannot skip.

  1. Get Training

Prepare for a Cloud Computing Job

We advise you to enroll in a Cloud Computing Training Program to gain advanced and in-depth knowledge of the field. Cloud computing is a vast subject that needs you to invest enough time so you can effectively learn about it in and out. Even if you plan on gaining a certificate, the exams are not easy to crack if you are not well-versed and knowledgeable hence get formal training before you pay to appear for a certification exam. 

  1. Earn a Valid Certification

Valid Certification

Once you are through with the cloud computing training, we would suggest that you take up a specialized field and gain certification in the same. You have to choose the cloud platform that interests you and the one you wish to pursue your career in. Based on the platform and the job role you wish to apply for, gain a valid certification that showcases your expertise in the field. The various major cloud certifications are AWS Certification, Azure Certification, Google Cloud Certification. If you manage to earn any of these, you will easily get noticed in interviews and get a chance to grab a high-paying job in the industry. 

  1. Work on Your Other Skills

Other than becoming a cloud expert, you also have to master other skills such as acquiring a sound knowledge of computer networks, operating systems, machine learning, and database management. Also, do not ignore improving your soft skills, which are essential in the professional field. 

Bottom Line

Now, if you have done all the above, you are ready to apply for a cloud computing job. Keep looking for good job opportunities and apply for the ones you really think are worth your skill. Once you have gained a valid certification, you would be considered an expert hence value your skills and do not settle for anything less than your worth. 


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