Playing Roulette just like any other casino game can never guarantee you a win. However, with some of these tips and strategies you can increase your chances winning. Have you ever wondered how the players who won millions playing Roulette did it? In this piece, you’ll be introduced to some of the tips and simple truth that made these players succeed. Chances are you have already gone through dozens of roulette article and reviews available on Internet. Regardless of whether you are playing online or in a real casino these tips can help you become a winner.

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1) Keep your eyes on the table

This tip is applicable to real casino players. If say you have been playing for a long time, note that you need to remember what colours, numbers a certain table has been hit. You need to remember each of your previous scores which should help you to predict with certain accuracy the colours and numbers for your upcoming round.

2) Pick the colour

This is one of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to playing Roulette in a casino. Everything you go out to play this game, make sure that you at least bet on a colour. What you want to do is to invest at least a dollar on a colour which should get you started. In case your mind is already made up, consider starting with $3 or even $5.

3) Betting on numbers

Placing a bet between 1-18 and 19-36 is normally considered as a bit dicey. With these kinds of bets, they normally pay the same amount as with betting with colour. The only difference is that these bets are a onetime win or loss system. With such bets, a player is only allowed to bet twice at most.

4) Adapt the martingale strategy

This is perhaps the most common Roulette strategy that is being used out there. The strategy tends to rely on doubling bets after any kind of loss in a 50/50 chance game. In such a case, whenever you land on your first win, you get to recoup all your previous losses and end up gaining a small profit margin. The strategy I preferred because it has been identified as being intuitive.

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5) Get a table with a small minimum and a high maximum bet

This is also part of the martingale strategy and basically involves finding a table with these two extremes. Remember that you want to start small in order to get an opportunity of doubling your losing bet when needed.

6) Pocket your gains

If it happens that you win a bet, pocket the winning. You do this so as to avoid any kind of losses. Consider betting the same small amount so as to reduce your loss margin. You do not have to win big to call yourself a winner. Any gains made should be appreciated even if it means leaving the casino with a $2 note instead of your $1 note.

With these tips you are one step closer to enhancing your chances of playing and winning at Roulette. Master these tips and challenge yourself.

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