How to permanently erase sensitive data before selling a PC with AweEraser

You think that erasing data from your PC is secure, isn’t it? But, you need to wipe down all data from your old PC without leaving any trace of it before disposing or selling it in order to keep your files and data safe on your PC. There is no doubt you can erase all folders and files using the basic delete function or the format option. But, remember that it’s the least safe way of removing data from your PC as these folders and files can get recovered through high-end data recovery tools.

Deleting essential folders on the PC only ends up removing the links from them. But, don’t be under the impression that the file is completely deleted from your PC. Thus, anyone with good hacking skills can find those missing links through a data recovery tool and get back all your deleted files and private data. 

But, there’s nothing to worry as you can erase data before selling an old PC in a way that your sensitive data doesn’t get abused like that.

AweEraser: The Easiest Way to Permanently erase Data before Selling your PCHow to permanently erase sensitive data before selling a PC with AweEraser

The best way to erase or delete a folder or file from your PC before selling it is to use a reliable professional software for it. This is where AweEraser comes into the picture as the tool you can trust to erase data permanently from your PC. It will get all the files and folders deleted permanently from the PC.

AweEraser is a professional Windows and Mac data erasure software that completely wipes computer folders and files to overwrite that space with blank data. This makes it absolutely impossible to recover data from your desktop or laptop. Besides being compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms, it is also able to run on all kinds of hard drives, such as IDE, SATA, and so on. Furthermore, the software offers three different methods to delete data from your PC, which makes it even more helpful to use.

That’s not all! The user-friendly interface of the program is an added plus. You don’t need to be a tech genius or an engineer to effectively use this tool. You can completely erase sensitive data from your PC by following a few simple steps.

Steps to erase sensitive data using AweEraserHow to permanently erase sensitive data before selling a PC with AweEraser

One of the best things about AweEraser is that it’s actually really simple to use. However, remember that you need to back up the data that you need before you completely wipe down the computer. Thus, ensure that you have shifted your crucial data to your flash drive or external hard drive.

Here are the steps to follow for erasing sensitive data using this program.

1. Download, install, and open AweEraser

So, the first step is to download and install the program on the computer from which you want to clear out the information. Run AweEraser to be familiar with the primary interface of this tool.

2. Select a method to erase your data

The program offers pretty straightforward options in terms of data removal methods. Given below are the three choices you’ll get in easing your sensitive data.

3. Permanently erase the folders or files

This is the best option to go for if you want to delete only specific data from your computer. Select all the files/folders that you want to erase and hit the ‘Erase Now’ option to delete them permanently.

4. Wipe the hard drive completely

Go for this option if you’re planning to donate or sell your computer. It will get all the data from your hard drive removed beyond recovery.

5. Delete already formatted/deleted data

Choose ‘Erase free space’ when you are trying to clean the unwanted records of lost or deleted files on the hard drive. Your existing data will not be affected by this method.

The Bottom Line

So, that’s all! You can sell your PC without any worries or stress because all your private information has been wiped clean from it. Your old PC is now a blank slate, and no one will be able to recover anything from the device. Now, go ahead and download AweErase without any delay.

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