There are always common issues when you buy a specific brand of Android smartphone, like for instance LG G6.

Over the years they have improved their line of phones giving importance to its camera. Like all other similar flagship models, it has a wide-angle shooter, great built quality, and it’s also good for gaming. It may not have stereo speakers, daydream Virtual Reality support, and some limitations.

As this may excite our fellow LG fanatics due to its enticing low price, some issues which are common like in other brands are also known.

It is also important to know these issues beforehand. The confirmed issues are heating, fast drainage of battery, and rarely boot loop (using for about more than a year). The heating and battery backup is present when it’s used more frequently in playing games. Its understandable due to its use of its chipset Snapdragon 821 and its low battery of only 3300 mAh. The boot loop rarely happens and when it happens you can always go to LG’s service center for free. LG’s warranty covers for about 2 years, so you don’t have to worry in regards to that issue.

Although these problems might be resolved by upgrading its Operating System, but how can you handle if your SMS is lost?

Have you ever had an issue with a deleted SMS?

Rarely right?

But what if this case happens to you? Do you go right away to a service center? Search online for an actual fix? Ask friends that have similar scenario even if it’s accidentally deleted?

Troublesome, right?

Most common response for people with no tech savvy skills they tend to ask for friends first and if they can’t do it, that is the time they will go to the nearest LG service center or probably any technician which can offer a cheaper price. The bad thing in regards to this option is they tend to overprice the work.

This kind of issue can be done actually at home for free by only using your computer and your mobile phone. There is less risk of performing this step if you have a guide or step to follow.

Steps to Recovering Android SMS

Prepare your laptop and search online for Android recovery tool-FoneDog Toolkit. Be sure to charge your LG G6 before doing the process to avoid any incomplete/interruptions that may happen during the course. If you think the file is that large or too many try to register or buy the full version to recover it all.

Check and visit our official website for the software. You may try our free trial before purchasing. We do have it for Windows and Mac/Apple. Upon installation, if ever there is a notification or your SmartScreen appears just click Run anyway. This happens when you’re using an OS on Windows 10. Don’t worry there are no viruses in it.

Download (Windows/Mac)

Let’s Proceed with the First Step: Connection between two devices

Connect your LG G6 to your device (computer/Laptop). Automatic detection and the model of your smartphone will be known. If ever you have a difficulty of detection, double check again if the USB drivers are already installed. If not, install them before proceeding with the process.

Step 2 of FoneDog Toolkit: Activating USB Debugging Mode

Before proceeding to the next step, you will be advised by FoneDog Toolkit to turn on your USB debugging mode. If ever a pop-up window appears, try reconnecting again. Just follow the image shown to you for further information and as a reference.

If the problem persists, try to change or use another cable. Although this never happens usually, just in case this happens to you in the process then it’s better to be prepared for it.

LG G6 is on Nougat 7.0, to turn it on you must go to Settings-> About Phone->Tap the build number as exactly seven times->Developer Warning-Press OK (located on the top right)->Tap to turn on

Step 3 Selection of Data list for Recovery

Choosing SMS as the data file to recover

There are a lot of lists, but for now, just select “Messages” to recover SMS only. Click Next button when done with this window UI.

Step 4 Last Process: Select Only Deleted Items to Display

By choosing the only SMS, scanning will only take a few minutes of your time. Compared to recovering lots of different data at the same time, it will take some time just for the recovery process only.

See image as Reference

On the left side under contacts & messages, click the data Messages. After doing this, turn on the “Only display the deleted item/s.” If there is a need for you to take a look at other files, then turn it back to off again.

So how many hours does it take them to finish?

It really depends, It will depend on the device, the number of deleted data, and how large was the data deleted.

Don’t worry most files that most people recover are only a little, and it’s usually recently deleted ones.

After scanning, the recently deleted messages will appear. If you don’t know which one isit, I suggest recovering it all. But if it’s identifiable right away, then select only that for faster recovery time.

Click Recover and select which path you want it to be saved. Be sure there is sufficient storage space in that folder or drive.


Using this Android data recovery software has been proven and have a 100% success rate when it comes to retrieving SMS. Even if your phone is rooted, it can still recover it with ease. FoneDog is compatible with more than 6,000 Android mobile devices known. It also can recover deleted photos, contacts, call history, WhatsApp, Video and so on. Amazing! Right?

You won’t have to worry about monthly subscription due to the lifetime update. In cases you have a problem, you can always ask support for any assistance when needed.

Click here to learn more.

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