How to Manage the Hassles of Business with E-Signature?

Undoubtedly, running a business comes with a lot of hassles. Sometimes, it can be very terrifying just to think of all that you have to accomplish during work hours. There are many bottlenecks to deal with, especially in the area of contract signing. So, let us paint a scenario. You have a sale contract to sign urgently by your sales team and the vendor.

In a paper-based system, the natural thing to do is to print out the document and scan it before sending it to the first signatory. The person downloads the document, print, sign, scan, and resend to you. Then, you send the signed document to the next signatory and the circle completes until the last person signs the document.

Of course, you will get the sales contract signed by every stakeholder but it can be time-consuming. Interestingly, you can have it easier, much easier. All it takes is to invest in an e-signature tool.

How Does an E-Signature Tool Work?

How Does an E-Signature Tool Work?

An e-signature tool enables you to sign documents, share the same, and get others to sign the document digitally, irrespective of where they are in the world. Even if your recipients are in remote areas, they can use the digital signature tool to append signatures without any issue. You can also esign Google docs with an e-signature tool.

As long as they have an internet-enabled device, they can access the document and sign on it using an e-sign tool. Signature Generator is a leading e-sign solution. With this tool, any business can enhance its productivity and efficiency. With this tool, you do not have to worry about delays or financial loss that may arise from the delay. Documents signed using the e-sign tool are legally binding just as the hand-signed documents.

Additionally, the Signature Generator tool offers more benefits as it reduces the costs of printing physical contracts and sharing the same for signatures. In today’s business world where organizations are involved in daily transactions, there is a need to speed up operations to improve performance and efficiency.

Without a doubt, Signature Generator plays a critical role in eliminating any possible delay in a business transaction or the associated losses. Electronic signatures are convenient and legal, and the best part is that it removes the hassles of printing and scanning documents.

Here are the simple steps to use the tool:

  1. Log in to the Signature Generator site. Upload the document that you want to sign and you can also choose a document template from the site to work with.
  2. Locate the e-sign tool and click on it. It will open a box where you can either draw, type, or upload your signature.
  3. Drag the created signature to the space for signature on your document.
  4. Save and download the signed document.

How E-signature Help to Manage the Hassles of Running a Business

The physical signing of documents requires time and can be a long process. Just as mentioned above, you have to print the document, scan them and send them for signing. If you have multiple signatories, you either dispatch the document from one signatory to the other or send the document by email one at a time to the signatories.

The process can be stressful and very time-consuming. Unfortunately, human error cannot be underplayed. One of the signatories may misplace the document or forget to sign in one of the places required. This means that you have to start the process all over again. Thankfully, you can skip the stress and use the e-signature tool instead.

The e-signature technology does not only reduce the cost of paper, printing, scanning, and storage; it also saves a significant amount of time. This leaves your team more time to focus on more productive activities. The effect of these is improved work efficiency, more productivity, and more revenue generation.

Benefits of Using an E-signature Tool to Run a Business

Benefits of Using an E-signature Tool to Run a Business


  • Convenience


Handling piles and heaps of paper are very tiring and it is indeed a hassle. From the stage of printing to storage, there is a lot that is required. With an electronic signature, you do not have to worry about all these. You can create a document online and upload it to a secured platform and share the link with the signatories. Each person can access the link and sign digitally.

Within minutes, you can have everyone append their signature. Nobody has to leave the comfort of their home or office, or worry about printing, scanning, sending, and storing documents. These documents are also easily accessed by authorized personnel without any issue.

  • Very Secured

Security is very critical in the management of any legal documents. With physical documents, anything can happen. Documents can be misplaced, stolen, or mistakenly destroyed. However, when you choose digital documentation and e-signature, you can have your contracts saved securely in the cloud.

You can track the document and access them whenever you want. They cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons and it is impossible to claim ignorance of signing a document digitally. The digitally signed document cannot be edited or manipulated.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

Paper production, printing, and destroying documents come at a cost. Unfortunately, this cost is very expensive and the environment is the sacrificial lamb. Producing A4 pulp paper requires about twenty liters of water. Not only that, some trees have to be pulled down to get the materials to produce these papers.

A lot of natural resources are wasted in the process. So, if you are inclined to save the environment and you are a fan of environmentally-friendly products, you will choose digital signature instead of the paper and pen system of signing documents.

  • Improved Profits

The bottom line for any business is to make more profit. Any way you look at it, digital signature helps you to improve your profit generation. For a start, it cuts costs as save significantly on paper, toner, printing, storage, and others. Secondly, you become more productive as you can use your time more efficiently instead of printing, scanning, and filing documents.

Thirdly, digital signature improves the rate of deal closure with clients. You do not have to go through the long process of signing contracts manually. Everything can be completed within minutes.


Running a business is demanding but you can manage the hassles that come with it with e-signature. In this post, we have looked at how digital signatures work and the benefits associated with adopting the technology.

E-signature is a technology that has benefitted numerous organizations. If your business is yet to adopt this technology, this may be the perfect time to consider its benefits in managing the stress and hassles that come with business operations.

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