There are many ways in which you can maximise your TikTok exposure, but one of the most effective is to make your posts more interactive and engaging. If people feel that they are being directly communicated with, they’re more likely to comment on and like your posts. That is why increasing engagement is crucial for influencers and brands alike; a brand or creator that seems distant and unengaged is one that won’t amass more followers or likes. Increasing engagement is one of the most simple ways to get followers on TikTok, so we’ve put together a guide on how to do just that. Here’s how you can make your TikTok content more interactive and engaging for your followers.

Keep your content short

TikTok doesn’t allow you to create videos of more than a minute in length (unless you upload from elsewhere, of course). Even so, you don’t always need to hit this limit. Sometimes, brevity is the soul of wit when it comes to your TikTok content. Think about whether the point you’re trying to make – be that a particular joke or part of a song – needs a lengthy video in which to be embedded. People don’t tend to pay much attention to longer-form videos,  so wherever you can, try to make your content shorter and it’ll be more memorable as a result. That doesn’t mean you can’t make longer videos, of course; just be sure to constantly ask yourself whether this is necessary for each video you make.

Include calls to action

If you directly communicate with your viewers and followers, they’ll be more likely to engage with your content. While this type of engagement is usually more common in writing than in video, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking your viewers something during your video or with suggesting something for them to do. This isn’t quite the same thing as joining in with a challenge (more on this in a moment); where that’s a more direct type of content-specific engagement, this is more about ensuring your viewers and followers don’t feel left behind when they’re consuming your content. When you’re making a video, be sure to ask yourself how you can make your followers feel more included in your content.

Participate in challenges

One of the most important aspects of TikTok is its organic, “homegrown” community. The users of TikTok value authenticity above all else, which is why one of the best ways to keep your content interactive and engaging is to participate in whatever challenge happens to be popular. Simply by posting content related to that challenge, you’ll encourage your audience to participate themselves; such is the collaborative nature of TikTok as a platform. The same goes for lip-sync videos, which is where TikTok started off. The more you involve your audience in your content, the more they’ll reciprocate your hard work with likes and follows, so be sure to keep up with whatever challenge is trending right now.

Duet with other TikTok users

One aspect of TikTok that’s particularly unique is its duet feature. Some users create videos specifically with the intention of other users duetting with that video, filling in a vacant vocal part or taking the other role in a comedy bit. The possibilities when it comes to TikTok duets are limitless and posting a TikTok duet is sure to increase your content’s engagement because you’re already interacting with another subsection of the TikTok audience. As well as duetting with other users, it’s definitely worth creating videos of your own for your community to duet with you; this is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way to make your TikTok content more engaging, because users will see that your content is inviting them to interact with it and will hopefully engage accordingly.

Engage with comments

Just like most social media platforms, TikTok has a feature which allows you to reply to the comments you receive. You should be using this feature as often as you can. While replying to comments won’t necessarily make your actual content more interactive and engaging, it will certainly increase your audience participation, which in turn should spur you on to making more interactive content naturally. If you get a large volume of comments on your videos, it’s natural not to want to reply to every single one of them, of course. However, if your following is relatively small, it pays to answer as many comments as you possibly can. That way, you give the impression of caring about and being involved in your community.

Be educational

Educational content is underrated in social media circles. If you can give your followers food for thought and teach them something they didn’t know before, they’ll be more likely to stick around in the hopes that future content will be as interesting and fulfilling as what they’ve already seen. In addition, educational content – and specifically, video content that invites debate – has a better chance of engaging your viewers because they’ll want to join in. Learn something new everyday and try to incorporate it into your TikTok content. It doesn’t have to be contentious or incendiary; the less political your videos are, the fewer viewers you’ll polarise, meaning you can engage bigger sections of your community at once. 

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