Digital marketing might be growing and evolving fast. However, email marketing remains one of the most effective parts of it. In fact, statistics show that emails boost ROI and customer retention. And 59% of consumers admit that marketing emails influence their buying decisions.

Therefore, developing an email marketing strategy is a must if you want to maximize your business’ exposure. But millions of marketers and business owners know this as well. So, you need to design emails that will not only stand out but also appeal to your customers on the subconscious level. This means you should use some psychological tricks in your campaign creation.

The good news is that today there are many tools that can help automate your email marketing. Due to the outstanding efficiency of emails, this industry is developing quite fast as well. Therefore, you can now use not only Mailchimp, which used to be the ultimate email marketing service. Now you should also look up the best Mailchimp alternatives that might be more affordable and better suited to your specific needs. Develop your email strategy first so that you know what exactly to look for in this type of solution.

Once you do find the right email marketing service for you, use the following tips to create most effective newsletters.

How to Make an Email Newsletter That Sells: Psychology and Design TipsFOMO is still a thing, so use it!

FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, is that feeling you get when you get anxious that some great chance is about to slip you by. You are afraid of losing something while also angry that others are getting it. It’s FOMO that drives a consumer’s desire to not miss out on a good deal when it’s offered. Basically, every sale induces this emotion. It’s the most effective when marketing to millennials and Gen-Z, who are very reliant on social media and can be affected by hype.

To use this psychological trick in your email marketing campaign you need to design a newsletter that:

  • Shows that many people have done this (made a purchase, subscribed, etc.) already. The tone of the letter’s theme must agitate and provoke readers into thinking that they are about to miss out on some great opportunity.
  • Sets a clear time limit to show off how this opportunity won’t be there for much longer.
  • Directly draws attention to the fact that this deal is in high demand.

Overall, the theme of the letter and call to action are your best weapons for generating FOMO. This type of newsletter should be very small and direct. You don’t need to provide detailed descriptions of every product or service. Instead, focus on the essential information, which is the main benefit, time limit, and a mention that others have already done this. You can provide detailed descriptions via a link. But the focus must be on the CTA button that enables one to buy or subscribe in one click.

Remember that FOMO is an emotion that motivates people to act impulsively. Therefore, you need to provide them with the tools to take action immediately.

Make your emails interactive

How to Make an Email Newsletter That Sells: Psychology and Design TipsAs far as email design goes, today you must make yours stand out. In the age of technological advancements a plain text email with a few pictures isn’t going to be memorable. Marketers today are exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies as well as use more videos and graphics. And your email newsletters must reflect that.

You should make your emails interactive in any way you can afford. The most basic trick is to add a carousel and an add-to-cart feature. Sharing buttons for social media are also a must. The point is to encourage readers to not only look through the email but also interact with it. Even if they don’t make a buy, such a message will be more memorable.


There are quite a few ways to translate KISS, but most of them boil down to “Keep It Simple”. In the case of a marketing email it must be both short and simple. Never forget that it’s better to send more messages than one letter that contains several ideas.

One idea per email must be your golden rule.

If it’s a special offer you need to share, then this is the only offer that should go into the message. If you also need to warn your customers about relocating or change in work hours, it must be another message. Spread them through a few days as getting one message right after another will definitely lower the priority of your news.

Play with the colors

While white space is still trendy in marketing design, email design trends for 2020 call for bold colors. Use contrasting CTAs and don’t be afraid to make your white space not white.

Remember that we live in the age of action superheroes and comic book movies breaking all possible cashbox records. Bold bright colors are in so long as your graphics is top-quality.

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